Amy Winehouse Threatens to Go Toe-to-Toe with Jack White and Alicia Keys

Amy Winehouse lost the job of performing the theme song to the new James Bond film due to her inability to stay clean–the gig eventually went to the team of White Stripes’ Jack White and Alicia Keys (yuh huh).

But according to the Telegraph UK, Winehouse is threatening to release the version of the Bond theme in order to show the flim producers that they have “made a big mistake.”

Said Winehouse, “I guess they are going for clean-cut and boring. When I do release mine – and I am tempted to do it on the same day – this would be the bigger hit…If they change their minds, I’m waiting.”

Amy plans on releasing her collaboration with Mark Ronson on the same day as the White/Keys duet is being released, October 28th.

Too bad Jack and Amy couldn’t have worked it out when they were watching Jay-Z.

Waddya think, Jack and Alicia have anything to worry about?

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24 replies on “Amy Winehouse Threatens to Go Toe-to-Toe with Jack White and Alicia Keys”

  1. Yes, Amy Winehouse is a superb artist despite her personality flaws. In an amazing world Jack white should be able to do it on his own, except he would just mess it up by singing about red haired people so they need Alicia in there to normalize him. Either way both songs will be good, though you gotta hand it to Amy at least she was sought after to do it on her own…eh hem.

  2. Several artists were “sought after” and the Bond people picked the song they liked the best. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear them. Jack wrote Seven Nation Army thinking about James Bond themes, so that’s a good sign. Amy’s got a good voice, but I don’t think her songs are all that and her attention whore behavior and “I’m cool because I do a lot of dope” schtick are beyond lame.

  3. Eh hem Anonymous #2, they wanted Alicia to work with Jack because they wanted a female voice.

  4. didn’t Alicia Keys always want to work with Jack too?
    and I’m still betting there will be a redhead reference in the song.. I’m putting $10CDN on it

  5. For what its worth, I’d work with Jack – no questions asked. Even though I’m not a musician. Mmm.

  6. after eight months working on one songand not getting it done, I would have given up on her too. Ronson gave it a try at least, but you can’t hold up the release of the trailer and subsequently the movie because you don’t have your shit together and expect the people in control to wait. Winebag blew her chance and regrets it-get your ass back in the studio and crank out some hits so we can pay some attention to what you’re supposed to be good at.

  7. Put up or shut up, Amy, you need to record and finish(a lot) more material before you start wandering into the where-is-she-now file.

  8. “amy will win for sure. no chance for the others”.

    win what? she already lost her chance at her and Mark’s song being used for the movie. maybe her song wil be bigger, but I don’t see it being released the way she says, it’s ultimately not all her own decision, it’s her label too.

  9. Amy is flawless no matter what she does or how she acts. She is a victim of much. She is a true angel.

  10. Good on you Oof… she’s certainly a victim, of herself.

    I also agree with Thinktank… what can Amy win? There’s no contest. She probably (?) signed a contract or at least agreed to do something… then didn’t… so she lost out.

    Therefore other artists who can follow through with their creative contracts get asked to step in – and win by doing what they’ve agreed to do professionally and creatively. Its still a business, and Amy obviously has no skills for this one.

  11. jack white is amazing and alicia keys is good too, so there song will rule, whereas wino had her chance and she blew it

  12. Amy is definitely talented and I understand that she’s gutted about having to miss out on the opportunity but in the end it was the right choice at the time and now she’s a bit better she should try and forget about the whole thing and focus on getting on with some new songs.

    I mean, releasing her version of the song on the same day? It all seems a bit immature.

  13. fyi, you might wanna stop using that picture of jack where someone photoshopped the word cash (in the coca cola font) on his shirt.

    its not intended to be flattering.

    anyway, it wasnt too long ago that jack was calling her the janis joplin of this generation (he was being way too nice) i hope he meant it as a person would inevitably die young. sorry that was mean, but i’m not too far off base here.

  14. I’m just reading a quote from Jack in the Detroit Free Press that says, “Alicia put some electric energy into her breath that cemented itself into the magnetic tape. Very inspiring to watch.” Can’t wait to hear it. Alos, he is going to play drums for the song.

  15. She wants to go toe to toe eh?
    She obviously hasn’t seen photos of Jason Stollsteimer after he went toe to toe with jack : )

  16. Of course Winehouse will win. I mean, its Winehouse, an actual artist vs. Alicia Keys – mass produced over dubbed pop shite. Even Jack can’t save her….

  17. “I was thinkin’ bout Alicia Keys, couldn’t keep from cryin’
    When she was born in Hell’s Kitchen, I was livin’ down the line
    I’m wonderin’ where in the world Alicia Keys could be
    I been lookin’ for her even clear through Tennessee”

  18. Jack wrote and produced this one, and it’s been rumoured that Alicia had a problem with his recording techniques. Whether the song is any good or not, I doubt it will sound like “mass produced over dubbed pop”. Amy’s songs have a lot of overdubs and production help as well, and with all the drugging she’s been doing she’s gonna need them more than ever. Why do you think it took her so long to recored one song?

  19. “Of course Winehouse will win. I mean, its Winehouse, an actual artist vs. Alicia Keys”

    I don’t get what you say…win what? A contest?
    Wineass has a lot more to prove, and needs to show she can hang with it all, especially in the live setting…she hasn’t scored a lot of points there.

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