Video: “My Drive Thru” Music Video Revealed

The music video component of the Converse ad campaign song “My Drive Thru” (featuring Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas from the Strokes, and rising star Santogold) has finally been revealed:

The video is all in black and white, with the three singers appearing like ripped out paper dolls, that fall, multiply, and zip around the screen.

Again, this song kinda blows, but it’s good to see Julian working on something. Too bad they are not Strokes songs.

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9 replies on “Video: “My Drive Thru” Music Video Revealed”

  1. maybe in a couple of days you can tell us about the behind the scenes video that’s been up for a while too.

    and then you can post about albert and aggy getting engaged — breaking news style — a couple of weeks after the fact.

    and miss know-it-all, julian’s been really busy with his new puppy!

  2. heya- sorry, i can’t keep on top of everything seeing as how i’m only one person… it would be cool if you emailed in with a tip when you hear news. would be more than happy to have some help!

  3. I heard a lot about this, it seems that it is everywhere, mag, advertisement kinda boring.

    Dunno I`m skeptical about it, maybe coz I hate Pharell Williams

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