Bonus Jonas Mania Manifests Itself

Recently I’ve been expressing my fascination/obsession with the Jonas Brothers to a few friends. Well, sometimes mentioning random musings to people yields hilarious results, as is the case this week. My friend who works at Neighborhoodies took it upon himself to pitch the below t-shirt in their daily idea meeting.

Get your credit cards ready… let me introduce…


What is a “bonus Jonas,” you may ask? The Jonas Brothers is band comprised of three real-life brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. But according to a recent New York Times article, they have a 7-year-old younger brother named Frankie–and for better or worse, their father touts him as “the Bonus Jonas.”

“Bonus Jonas” has since become a hilarious catchphrase among young adults and teens who are Jonas Brothers fans/detractors.

Seriously, how could you NOT love this face?

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7 replies on “Bonus Jonas Mania Manifests Itself”

  1. I love the Jonas Brothers! It’s taken me since December to admit that my love for them is actually an un-ironic love. Can’t way for Tuesday. Making Rolling Stone relevant again…

  2. oh he is so adorable! i had no idea. they should let us baby sit him. actually, they should let us baby sit all of them. then again… they probably should not do either of those things. *sigh*

    btw I am wearing my bonus jonas shirt to ever ATJF meeting from now on.

  3. ok, ok, if they are your guilty pleasure I guess I can understand that. mine’s Mika.

    also, you redeemed yourself by blogging about Julian on my birthday. even though that’s an old bit of news.

  4. Im confused. People or YOU love the face?, what in a hes so hunky kinda way? that little kid? Ugh. Sick. He’s not even adorable in the usual description of an innocent child.
    Recently I watched something about them (Jonas Bros) on t.v. because you hear sooo much about them. Their songs are terrible even for their age standards.
    I’m perplexed by older people being “all into them”. Has mania for being trendy gone so mad that people give up their standards of taste and propriety? Well if we’ve all as a collective agreed that kid lust is cool (I dare say the P word)… Sorry that trend cannot include me and it never will. Though I see the kitsch value they possess, but for people who are older than 17 I think it goes beyond that. Just my opinion.
    Bogus Jonas to you.

  5. I too have a non-ironic love for the Jonas brothers. It feels so good to reveal this, albeit anonymously, on the internetz. Also, I saw Dev Hynes after his lightspeed champion gig in Sydney toting a JB bag! haha

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