Coldplay vs. Coldplay: Which “Viva La Vida” Video Is Better?

Coldplay have released two videos for “Viva La Vida” today, one is the “official” version, directed by Hype Williams:

The other is a “cover” version made by the band, which features Chris Martin wandering around a town and grassy hill wearing a comical king hat and robe, carrying a print of “Liberty Leading the People,” which is featured on the cover of “…Death and All of His Friends.”:

The band describes it as their homage to Depeche Mode and Anton Corbijn, as the “cover” is a direct rip-off of Anton Corbijn’s video for “Enjoy the Silence”:

Which do you like better? “Viva la Vida” official, “cover,” or neither–you prefer “Enjoy the Silence.”

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13 replies on “Coldplay vs. Coldplay: Which “Viva La Vida” Video Is Better?”

  1. I prefer the “cover” version; it goes with the song lyrics, the first video is pretty much the finished version of the iPod commercial, which is more like a .. .. very good effects put into a song.

  2. Which version doesn’t have Chris Martin’s giant slobbering mouth all up in my face? Good lord, someone bring me the windex.

  3. The idea of the cover is definitely, I just wish it had been executed in a funnier way. I like the fact this video has only just been put out…expect the video for the next Coldplay video sometime in 2010 (track out tmrw, probably)

  4. The official Viva la Vida-clip was also made by Anton Corbijn and has indeed elements of his Enjoy the Silence-video in it. So both CP and AC pay hommage to DM.

  5. Enjoy the Silence of course, who that hell thinks Martin he is, he is copying everything, taking elements here or there, what happened with Corbijn he didn´t notice about .

  6. like both, to be fair no one can make stand out clips like depeche!!, you either hate them or love them and that makes them stand out. Depeche have made themselves a great image from these clips something i think coldplay havent mastered yet. so come on lads look up and give homage just a little bit more to depeche.

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