Weird Parties in Long Island City

So after the Ting Tings/MGMT Pool Party I ended up and some random black metal concert taking place in a giant warehouse/workspace in Long Island City, right next to the Deitch Long Island City and just feet from the East River.

Needless to say, the view was awesome:

I have absolutely no idea what the name of the band that played was, nor who was actually throwing the party, but what I do know is there were two GIANT pigs roasting on sticks, that were eventually served as pork sandwiches.

Before heading home, I also shot this picture of the CRAZY sky:

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  1. hi! it was matthew barney’s artspace! and the art man himself was roasting the meat. quite the night indeed…check out jae’s pics too once he gets them on his flickr site…
    I think i’m a black metal convert.

  2. “not to get all peta on you, but the pigs on a stick is gruesome and cruel.”

    true, but also DELICIOUS.

  3. Hi- Do you know anyone who i could talk to about renting warehouses for events in Long Island City??

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