The McAvoy Meter Review of “Wanted”

Despite the fact that I’ve seen quite a few James McAvoy movies since my first McAvoy Meter review, I’ve kinda been slacking on updating everyone on my drooling sessions. So here’s another one, of his most recent movie, “Wanted.”

Year of Release: 2008.
Synopsis: Wesley Gibson is your Average Joe accountant working a dead-end job, dating a cheating girlfriend, and best friends with an annoying jerk. When he discovers he’s the son of a super-human assassin–and he possesses all of the same capabilities–he is inducted into the elite world of professional high-stakes killers. Loosely based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar.
Character: Wesley Gibson. Lead character of this action-packed film also starring Angelina Jolie as his assassin school mentor.

How Much Screen Time Does James Have?: It’s basically all James all the time.
But, Is He Shirtless?: Yup. But only in one sequence. A pity since he significantly beefed up for the role.

Most Memorable James Moment: When Wesley lets loose on his irritating boss and co-workers after discovering his new found badass powers.

The Bottom Line: The movie is utterly stupid and unbelievable, but entertaining. James doesn’t get much of an opportunity to flex his acting muscles in between all of the ultra-violent shooting, dodging, and running, but when he does, he reminds us that he is in fact a great Actor. Although the genre and action in the movie is super-cool, his wardrobe and hair don’t (and can’t) really capitalize on his boyishly handsome looks. His American accent wavers at times, but in general pretty believable.

Final Rating: 5 on the McAvoy Meter for his dominating screen time and cool stunts.

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