The Von Bondies Lend Their Song to Corey Feldman’s New Movie

Yup yup, even though The Von Bondies seem to have slipped from my radar, it seems as though they are still a working band (sans some eye candy–original member, the flame-haired Marcie Bolen, left the band in 2006), having finished their third album, Love, Hate, and Then There’s You, which is currently without a release date.

In anticipation of the new LP, the band has lent one of the songs off it, “Only to Haunt You,” to a rather unusual project–Lost Boys The Tribe. THAT’S RIGHT, LOST BOYS 2!!! Better yet, this vampire-heavy B-movie stars none other than original Lost Boy, Corey Feldman. THAT’S RIGHT, COREY FELDMAN.

Enjoy (Survive???) the trailer. I’m assuming the Von Bondies song is the one at the very start, and not the awful death metal music that kicks in during the vampire attacks:


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8 replies on “The Von Bondies Lend Their Song to Corey Feldman’s New Movie”

  1. I hear he would only agree to it if they let him be in a recreated fight scene with Jack.

  2. marcie?
    She wasn’t even on the records.
    My favorite in the band is Don Blum!

    And jason, love him or hate him he wrote/writes all the songs.
    Including it came from japan and come on come on which are two of my favorites.

    Oh, and the new song pale bride.

  3. eventually Jason will claim she was never in the band, too. And deny he has assumed Jack’s persona.

    and I’m not even being sarcastic….

  4. I saw them in London earlier this year and he’s recruited a Marcie look-a-like. It could have been her twin.

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