You Write the Caption: Jack White + Amy Winehouse + Beyonce

This photo of Amy Winehouse, Jack White (HELLO CASPER), and Beyonce Knowles watching Jay-Z’s set during Glastonbury 2008 IS THE MOST AMAZING PHOTO OF OUR TIME.

Words cannot describe, but you can give it a try.

This photo is also hysterical–Jack cannot see what’s going on because Amy Winehouse’s arm is in the way. Someone give Jack White some room!

BONUS: Who would win in a fight: Amy Winehouse, Jack White, or Beyonce?

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15 replies on “You Write the Caption: Jack White + Amy Winehouse + Beyonce”

  1. i’d place my bets on winehouse seen as how she did a pretty good job of roughing up that fan in the crowd saturday.

    that picture is fantastic.

  2. but remember what Jack White did to Jason S. from Von Bondies?

    I would place my bets on Beyonce though.

  3. Jack: Mama…why is da black man s…sayin da bad wordsss???
    Girl in striped shirt: Get off me, you freak! I’m not your mama!

    Amy: crack crack crack! wheresa crack!!! whosgotthecrack!!!

    PS Beyonce would definitely win, simply because she has the most money and, therefore, the largest posse. There would be a wild fury of hairspray and makeup and it would all be over in mere seconds.

  4. LOL

    Leave it to the girls to biff it out, Jack can be the hero
    again and carry the poor lass who loses out of the crowd to safety… sigh…

  5. jack and winehouse can go on punching sprees lol

    too bad bout that winehouse becoming a trainwreck

  6. Jack would win.
    Hes got secret mad muscles.
    But yes. This photo is blowing my mind right now.

  7. Somebody please give a hard kick in the ass to Winehouse, Jay Z and Beyonce, what that hell are they doing in Glastonbury, come on Give a Space to Jack you losers.

  8. Amy: I need crack now!
    Beyonce: Damn my man is the bomb.
    Jack: Maybe If I look the other way, and cop some feels no one will notice. Beyonce would win all the way.

    And Yea why are they at Glastonbury. That place is too sacred for them.

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