Even More Coldplay @ Madison Square Garden

Some additional thoughts/photos from Monday’s free Coldplay show.

At one point, early on in the night everyone got great amusement out of screaming out “BLUE BALLS!” in reference to the gigantic video screen projection spheres that were lowered from the ceiling at various points through the show.

Throughout the show pre-recorded footage and live feeds of the concert were projected onto the AV balls, and as I mentioned in my earlier post, they were used as lyric prompts during “Lost!”

These magical spheres are called “PufferSpheres,” made by a Edinburgh-based company called Pufferfish. Previously they have worked with companies like Google for special events and presentations.

During the final song of the night, machines through the arena shot out tons and tons of confetti into the air. It was especially cool when they made the glowing balls turn blue and all the neon-colored confetti became awesome GLOW IN THE DARK CONFETTI!

As some of you may remember, my mom loves British bands like Coldplay and Keane, so I ended up taking my mom to the concert. She wrote me this email yesterday:

Thank you for taking me to the Coldplay concert. I really enjoyed it and had a great time. I am so dead tired today. All I want to do is sleep. All that anticipation and excitement wore me out, but it was worth it. Thanks again for one of the highlights of the year for me.

More photos from the show:

Video of “Viva La Vida”:

More over at The Music Slut, My Coldplay, Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum, Official Coldplay Site [1, 2, 3]

Oh, and on a personal note–you might recall that in 2006 I met two Scottish kids named Alan and Martin (aka “The Men About Town”) at the Cinematics show at Rebel. Well last night I ended up running into another Scottish kid named Will, and upon meeting me he mentioned that he thought I had met his two friends (The Men About Town). I knew how excited the Men About Town were when they had their pictures posted on the site, so I offered Will the same–that way he could finally be even with the Men About Town. Here Will is with M & J of the Music Slut:

Funny thing is, it just so happens that we were on the same exact street as where I met the Men About Town. There’s just something about MSG and Scottish people, eh?

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