Viva La Vida Released in the US/This Week’s Best Quotes about Coldplay

Hooray! Today Coldplay’s new album Viva La Vida finally hits US shores. In honor of the release, and Chris Martin’s uncanny ability to simultaneous annoy and endear, below will be a billion links to stories relating to Coldplay.

I’ve compiled a (growing) list of this week’s best quotes about the band, so you don’t have to. So embrace your inner “sensitive man” and read on:

Review of Coldplay’s Brixton Academy show from last night. “For a 30 million selling supergroup, there is something endearingly gauche about Coldplay.” (BTW- Will did a cover of the The Goldrush song “Death Will Never Conquer” at the show, which was broadcasted on Radio 1) [Telegraph UK]

“How many albums would Coldplay have to sell to save recorded music, the side of the business we’re all familiar with from movies and television? Approximately 900 billion.” [NY Mag]

“Chris Martin must have just read Chapter 7 of the How to be Like Thom Yorke Handbook: Walking Off and Other Moody Outbursts. Seriously…he’s not cool enough to walk out on anyone. That’s like the nerd getting up to go eat lunch in the phone booth.” [Ricky, TMA commenter]

“I pity the poor bastards who have to watch them. They are utterly humourless,” barked Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten. [The Sentinel]

“One moment Chris Martin was joking about melons, the next he was politely excusing himself,” wrote Radio 4 presenter John Wilson on Chris Martin walking out during an interview. [Guardian UK]

“Whatever else you make of Coldplay’s frontman, at least you could never accuse him of trying to win over crowds with arch displays of studied cool,” says the Guardian review of the Brixton show. [Guardian UK]

“At first I felt like a soccer mom when jumping on to the band-wagon (station wagon), but then realized that: great music goes beyond mini-vans (and station wagons).” [Air & Sea Battle]

“We have always been a step behind Muse. They’re so great live,” said Chris Martin to The Sun. [Digital Spy]

“The band showed off their wealth with six fancy video orbs, hanging from the ceiling which cost the band a jaw-dropping 900,000 GBP,” wrote The Sun about the Brixton Gig. [The Sun]

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  1. Oh my God. To be included in a list of Coldplay-bashing quotes leaves me utterly speechless. *wipes tear* I’d like to thank God, my family and real musicians all around the world for this very special occasion. I’ll be back when the next Coldplay album/hot air balloon comes out!


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