The Kooks On a Hot EMI Roof

Yesterday was the perfect weather for a special acoustic performance on the top of the EMI Building in the Flatiron District. Better yet, the band performing was The Kooks!

As their bandmates got to sit back and munch on some of the complementary hot dogs and hamburgers, Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris took to the stage set up overlooking downtown Manhattan.

Luke stopped after the first song, “Naïve”, and asked if anyone had a pair of sunglasses because he was “dying up here,” and quickly someone produced a cool pair of white Wayfarers. Luke glanced over at Hugh, who was wearing a pair of tortoise shell Ray-Bans as well, and declared that they were like the “yin and yang of sunglasses.”

With eyes properly covered, the duo continued to strum out a total of three additional Kooks songs: “Ooh La”, “Always Where I Need to Be”, and my personal favorite off of their new album Konk, “Tick of Time”.

Here’s R’s video of them doing “Ooh La”:

In a flash, the set was over, much to the dissapointment of the crowd. But the boys did have to head over to get ready for their Terminal 5 show, so c’est la vie.

More at Black Book, Limewire.

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  1. if you like the kooks, you are gonna love the wombats! new album guide to love, loss and desperation- check them out myspace/thewombatsuk

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