Julian Casablancas, Santogold, and Pharrell on “My Drive Thru”

You’ve heard about this Converse project which joins The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Santogold, and Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D., now you can finally hear the results of their collaboration, a song called “My Drive Thru.”

DOWNLOAD: “My Drive Thru” by N.E.R.D. featuring Julian Casablancas and Santogold (via Sit Down Stand Up)

Writes We Heart Stuff:

Converse are seemingly sticking heavily to showing off their rock n’ roll heritage and have devised a campaign entitled ‘Three Artists, One Song’ which apparently will see artists as diverse as Deerhunter, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Gallows along with of course the 3 effortlessly cool individuals who have put together this track…

Thanks to C for the head’s.

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14 replies on “Julian Casablancas, Santogold, and Pharrell on “My Drive Thru””

  1. Does anyone else think this song kinda stinks? It’s kinda boring and underwhelming. I like all three of these artists, but it seems like they kinda just phoned it in on this song? Oh well, I guess I should look for my music from somewhere other than Converse.

    at work today and the air conditioning is broken. this picture makes it all worth it. can’t wait to d/load the song at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think the sound is all over the place. When I first played it I thought I had a browser open that had one of those annoying autoplayer with music, but then it turned out that’s just what the song sounds like. Pharrell’s vocals in particular sound like crapola. guess he had enough time to take out of making horrible songs for the newest N.E.R.D. album to throw together this shiz. whoops. what a shame. this could have been really good. the guitar riff loop is particularly annoying. the tone is way to high to be as groovy as it should be.

    maybe the tagline should be “Three Artists. One Song. Zero Originality.”

  4. Kinda reminds me when Julian decided to do a song with Regina Spektor. That song was all over the place as well.

  5. Julian still sounds good. Its hard for him not to. He has a great voice. But that jazz garbage in the background upset me. I mean it really made me angry. That is going to serve only to turn people of Converse, and (shudder) The Strokes. That represents none of the talent Julian has as an artist, a singer, and a thinker. He creates these beautiful guitar solos and pleading vocals and people are going to dismiss him when they hear this nonsense. He should not stoop down to the level of this commercial crap.

  6. the hook is catchy but, meh, it’s not really very good. to me the song is just endless, it keeps going on and on. there needs to better, more distinct breaks for the bridge and verses so it’s not one endless hook. and the beginning is catchy, but once you use the hook 50 times it gets OLD.

    j casa looks hot in the photo though, apparently being married has been good for him, right on.

  7. This song sucks. I love Julian and his music, but I’m sorry the song is not working for me. It’s all over the place and the music is like the same little beat on a loop. Why? Porque Jules? Please don’t tell me this a glimpse into the future of the Strokes. I miss the Jules from Is this it? Anyways, it’s not the worst song I’ve ever heard, but I just expected more.

  8. i agree, he did the best he could do with what he was given, especially knowing his work ethic and how seriously takes making music.

  9. alycia-
    being a true fan of an artist does not imply that you will love anything that person does. artists can do wrong, and this song is totally out of his genre and does not show his talent as an artist or lyrisist. i am thrilled to hear his voice again and that he has slimed down a bit, but the only reason he’s in this is because they payed him a large sum of money to be their posterboy which he does quite well.

  10. Julians vocal is the best part of that song.Pharrells’ is the worst. His whole Prince wanna be falsetto is getting so old. It ruined the whole song.

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