2 Nights at Santos: Hedi Slimane and Misshapes

So for the last three nights I’ve been heading to Santos Party House (aka 100 Lafayette) for some fashionable parties.

On Friday night was a V Magazine celebratory party for designer/photographer Hedi Slimane’s new book, Rock Diary where PYT and recent Slimane muse Hayes Peebles played a solo set in front of the very stylish crowd. When a young fashionista squealed out, “You’re so sexy!,” I turned around and mentioned that Peebles is still a tender 15 years old, to which the girl shook her head and moaned, “Noooo!!”

Photo courtesy of the BSB

The next night was the Misshapes.com launch party, where the dark-haired trio of Greg, Leigh, and Geordon mingled with famous faces such as M.I.A. (and her new fiance), Sophia Lamar, and Benjamin Cho as well as the regular cast of Misshapes party revelers.

Guest DJ Lightspeed Champion was there as well, and a couple of my er… well lubricated… friends took it upon themselves to give him a hefty hug and hoist in the air:


Needless to say, the party was a fantastically fun event, with both Apache Beat and These New Puritans busting eardrums with their raucous sounds, and dancing fools taking advantage of the dance floor downstairs.

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  1. That was the most off the hook party I’ve been to so far this year. Santos is thee place to go.

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