The Raconteurs: Friday Night @ Terminal 5, NYC

Quick update before I head out to do something productive today…

Last night I headed out to the wilderness that is known as Terminal 5 here in NYC in order to see the first night of The Raconteurs three-show stand in the city.

raconteurs, brendan benson and jack white

Having never been to the venue before, I was quite surprised by the “open your bags” and pat down procession that greeted me at the entrance. Once inside, I walked through the opening hallway and into a space that immediately struck me as being the place where evil concert-goers go to die. With a ground floor overstuffed with a sea of towering, beer-wielding dudes, I was immediately struck with fear.

Since I hadn’t eaten dinner, as the opening act Black Keys Lips played, I scurried through the crowd, trying to locate the stairs in order to get to the 3rd floor where Empanada Mama had a stall. I navigated to the back of the crowd only to find the bar, past the glowing ATM machine (???), finally finding the stairway to what I would soon find to be just a vertically higher version of concert hell.

I mean, this one-time superclub is so hideously large that they need to have MAPS telling you where you are. That was probably the nail on the coffin for me. Take a look at what they have posted on the wall:

terminal 5 map

(OK, I made a few modifications to the map. Click on the image for LARGER VERSION)

More about the show itself after the jump.

Jack White looked the epitome of “showman” in a brown vest/pants combo featuring a skeleton bone design on the front, back, and side of the pants, bedazzled with rhinestones that caught the light just so.


Brendan looked every bit as skinny as a skinny man can, but pumped a whole lot of heart and soul into his vocals. Little Jack rocked out on the bass, proving to be a creepily quiet force to be reckoned with. And Patrick on drums just continued to increase my love and adoration for him–his cool yet powerful jazz drumming style added that extra somethin’ somethin’ to the mix.


No surprises in the celebs at the show last night: Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jack White’s wife, Karen Elson, British model Agyness Deyn with friend Jackson Pollis, and David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine.

The setlist was as follows: Consoler of the Lonely, Store Bought Bones, Hold Up, You Don’t Understand Me, Top Yourself, Old Enough, The Switch and the Spur, Level, Keep It Clean (cover of Charley Jordan), Steady as She Goes, Many Shades of Black, Rich Kid Blues, Blue Veins. ENCORE: Salute Your Solution, Broken Boy Soldier, Attention, Carolina Drama.

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  1. jack has the mirror when he plays with the white stripes as well. i thought it was b/c it was so he could make sure he could make eye contact with meg, but maybe he’s just making sure he hasn’t turned into a vampire? who knows.

  2. I’m so jealous!!! Can’t wait until they come to Detroit. the bones vest bugs me. I love Jack more than anyone but I think he totally copied Gerard Way. Not liking the vest. Patrick is beyond cute. Was Meg anywhere around???????

  3. Jack used the mirror in the White Stripes so he could see Meg while playing the piano. Maybe he’s using it so he can see the crowd when his back is turned.

  4. Laura, the Black Keys are awesome but the Black Lips opened, and I thought they were good but the sound was horrible. Brendan’s girl knows all the lyrics and she was up there dancing with Karen, it was quite a beautiful image.

  5. i thought the show was great but brendan singing to his girlfriend over and over was nauseating to watch.

  6. brendan is just not prone to smiling a lot.

    not surprised there were more men than women. huge sweaty drunk off their bums groupie dudes who insist on pushing their way to the front have ruined many concerts for me. bands can expect to see fewer women unless security do something about the meatheads.

  7. brendon always looks unhappy
    although i’m pretty confident he is content on some level

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