Chris Martin: Afraid to Leave Grandma’s House

Some complaining about Coldplay’s crappy contract with EMI/Capitol from Chris in this interview in the Guardian, surprised?

Chris Martin tries to explain why Coldplay isn’t doing cool free/instant/independent things like bands he obviously admires/looks up to like Radiohead and the Raconteurs:

“Being on a major label at the moment is like living in your grandparents’ house,” Chris Martin confessed to Reuters this week. “Everyone knows they need to move out, and they will eventually, but we kind of like our grandmother.”

“We have absolute respect for the Radioheads and Raconteurs and people who can do what they like,” he said. “[The standard major label approach] is obviously an antiquated model because of the internet. We’re in contract though, so we’re just going to make the most of it and enjoy the people we get to work with.”

Chris also pines for public forgiveness for their last “free” concert in New York for “X & Y”, which took place at the Beacon Theater in 2005:

“We felt we fucked up so royally in New York when we were setting up X&Y,” he said. “We did an AOL thing, which was fine to do, but we tried to mix it with a buzz gig and we just came across as a huge and very impersonal corporation.”

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  1. The Raconteurs are on a major label too. Chris just doesn’t have the balls Jack White does.

  2. I completely agree. Coldplay are one of EMI’s biggest sellers. They’ve easily got enough sway to do what the hell they want.

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