Jack White Will Save Your Life, Then Continue Rocking Your World

An eagle-eyed reader emailed in with a link to this story from the Kansas City Star blog “Back to Rockville“:

Imagine you’re a girl, and you love the Raconteurs. You go see them at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, and your having a grand time, when all of a sudden you faint.

The crowd pushes your body to the front, and instead of a bouncer coming to your rescue, Jack White himself leaps off the stage and carries your weary body to safety. He then (as you are told later), continues on with “Carolina” like nothing happened.

Below is a photo submitted by a KCS reader of the act of kindness in action:

super jack!

Said one KCS “Back to Rockville” reader: Wadkc: “I loved how he didn’t even mention the woman in the front. Just doing the Superman thing and movin’ on.”

Said another…er…concerned reader: “I hope she is OK. Wish it had been me.

Thanks to RMS for the tip!

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  1. I read that. I thought about his song Finding It Hard to Be a Gentleman. I guess he found his way again. He has those good old fashioned southern gentleman manners. And that folks is why I am STILL madly in awe with ole Jackie White

  2. I was totally there! It was insane. There’s a couple clips of it on youtube as well. I was fairly close to the front but couldn’t see what was going on until Jack suddenly had some passed out girl in his arms and he then handed her to a bouncer. He non chalantly came back on stage and finished the last line of “go and ask the milk man”. End of show. It was really a great show. They only played level, steady as she goes, and blue veins from the old album, and the rest was all new songs. Also, see if you can find any pictures of Brendan Benson that night, he looked like Farrah Fawcett in drag! A full on perm is not a good look for him.

  3. the girl that Jack had to interupt Carolina Drama for was a junkie, I stood right nexto her at the show and was very unimpressed that the security were so lame ass that Jack had to take control of the situation.. There were loads of Junkies tripping during that show..

    Jack looked seriously pissed off at the situation..
    The girl wouldn’t even remember what happened..
    And her boyfriend disappeared.. also lame..

    and people got hurt when the audience lunged forward trying to get a feel of Jack..

    so all in all not the best situation..

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