Sondre Lerche @ the Canal Room for TriBeCa Film Festival

One of my favorite things about the TriBeCa Film Festival is that it’s a relatively low-key event. Basically the only time I remember it’s going on is when I see people walking around with those big stupid purplish badges slung around their necks as if to say, “No, I don’t know how to blend in, and Yes, I would like to get mugged.”

Another thing that fills me with glee is the fact that at least once a year a slew of free music events and movies are held delightfully close to where I live (hooray downtown Manhattan). So although I pass on a lot of the stuff going on, I do get to take advantage of some of the great happenings that go on–a prime example being the TriBeCa Film Festival Music Lounge at the Canal Room.

sondre lerche

I was thrilled to see that their lineup for Wednesday included a set by TMA fave, the Norwegian wunderkid, Sondre Lerche, who was slated to play from 5-5:30 pm.

Now, you must understand, I love early evening shows because that means I can get home in time to really have that quality “me time” I crave. (And by “me time” I mean “time for me to watch bad reality television shows on Bravo.”) But the thing I hate about early shows is that if they start before 6:30pm, that means I’ll be dashing out of the office like a mad woman, racing against the clock to get to said concert, as was the case on Wed.

I was getting some on-the-scene updates from my friend Matt over at the Music Slut, who filled me in to the fact that everything was running a little late, and at 5:20 there was about 10 minutes until Sondre was going to be on, so I got my running shoes on and made like a banana.

As I’m literally running from the subway station to the venue, dodging sluggish-moving tourists and sketchy homeless dudes by that pizza place on the corner of Canal, I was huffing, “I’m… too… old… for…. this… shii….pffftttss.”

I manage to slide into the Canal Room just a few minutes into Sondre’s set–coming in during “To Be Surprised,” a favorite song of mine from the Dan in Real Life soundtrack which Sondre wrote.

Wearing a green plaid shirt, a red LEGO-block necklace, jeans, and a pair of gray/pink Pumas, Sondre blasted through some other faves, both new and old, such as “My Hands Are Shaking” (DIRL) and “Tragic Mirror” (Phantom Punch).

He rounded off the night with a quite punky version of “Sleep On Needles” (from his first album, Faces Down)–loudly tapping his foot to keep the beat and add a rhythmic element to his solo electric guitar sound–then he segued into a spirited version of “Two Way Monologue” (Two Way Monologue, obvs.), which, as always, called for increased amounts of hair whipping and (endearingly) spaz-attack-worthy guitar playing by Sondre.

By 6:15 I was out of there–with enough time to go home and eat a little something before heading out to a movie screening for a film about street/underground artists called Beautiful Losers.

Oh, and I managed to get home in time to watch Top Chef too! SCORE!

More of my photos from the show over at Almack’s Dance Hall.


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