Bob Gruen’s Opening at the Morrison Gallery

In the midst of watching the new episode of Gossip Girl (Michelle Trachtenberg, really? Vampire Weekend‘s “Campus” playing during a Brooklyn scene?) I’m finding time to log in some quick updates during the commercial breaks.


Last Thursday I headed over to the new Morrison Hotel Gallery, now located on the Bowery in the former location of the CBGB’s Gallery. What for? The opening of rock photographer Bob Gruen’s new show, “Rockers,” which features photos of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, the White Stripes, and his famed photographs of John Lennon wearing that “New York City” tshirt.

Some famous faces popped in to take a look at the shots: Yoko Ono dressed all in black with shades and a floppy hat was in and out very early, and later Debbie Harry strolled in, all dolled up in a body-hugging champagne-colored floral dress.

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