David Cook: Goodbye Emover!

So I’ve sorta been watching American Idol every week, and I basically hate all the contestants except David Cook, who I lovingly refer to as “the Creed guy” because he totally sings like one of those dudes in some “rock” band from Canada or who loves Jesus. I missed this week but was pleased to see pictures and footage of the show which showed a remarkable change in David’s outward appearance: David Cook’s “emover” (aka the “emo combover”) has disappeared!


david cook


david cook

In other news, if that hippie Jason smiles one more time I’m going to punch him in the face, and the asian (who was kicked off last night) couldn’t sing, and neither can the hot Australian guy. Sadly the Irish girl needs to take herself a little LESS seriously, and that country girl gets on my nerves too. The blonde piano girl is annoying as well. I mis Chikezie only b/c I loved his name.

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  1. Australian guy(Michael Johns) is HOT. Just want to watch him. David Cook should win. He is the only one with talent. The rest irritate the hell out of me. and what was with plastic spastic fantastic Dolly???

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