Apple’s iTunes “Leaks” Raconteur’s “Consolers of the Lonely” Days Before Release Date

Looks like the much bally-hooed effort of the Raconteurs to make their music available in various formats simultaneously has been foiled by the crew over at Apple’s iTunes. Folks over at The Little Room message board are reporting that they are now able to legally download the ENTIRE Consolers of the Lonely album via the iTunes digital website.

Writes one poster, “Um, so…am I in the dark about something?…cause I just downloaded the new album on itunes thinking it was a pre-order and now have the entire album on my computer…….isn’t official release tuesday?”

It’s currently available on the US and UK iTunes websites.
UPDATE: Looks like Apple has at the very least disabled the US download.

It has also been rumored that some record chains in the US have already sold copies of the album to customers. Fans in the UK have been treated to auditory previews by overzealous music shop clerks who have played the album over the PA systems in stores.

In addition to that, folks are posting that the album has now made it to the illegal downloading circuit.

Will Jack and the boys be pissed at this technical snafu? Was this not a mistake, but a carefully planned “legal leak” to drum up publicity? Will Jack go on a No Country for Old Men-style rampage, killing everyone who downloaded the tracks early? You make the call… Either way, I’m kinda bummed that it’s already out there.


Tip for UK peeps: Don’t search for “raconteurs” — it won’t come up. Instead, search for “consolers” or “consoler”

PS: I haven’t downloaded it, will wait to purchase it next week in the store so I can’t say that it’s 100% true, but sounds valid. Have any of you, dear readers, been able to purchase a copy in advance?

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  1. no love for us Canadians…
    oh well
    i shall just have to wait until tuesday..the way it was meant to be

  2. Hey, I bought it legally off itunes. I feel no guilt in enjoying it as much as I do. Still, I will buy the CD come Tuesday.

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    Hi Friendo,

    On behalf of XL Recordings and Warner Bros Records, many thanks for plugging “Consolers Of The Lonely” and The Ranconteurs’ pioneering, ‘fans-first’ release concept … .. a real pity about the early leak via iTunes, but thanks, on behalf of the labels and the artist, for not posting pirate links etc.

    Regards & Happy Easter,


  4. I actually checked out an FYE (in Queens) like you said and found ONE copy of the new Raconteurs album, and it wasn’t even in the right section. I had to go hunting for it.

  5. kick ass album. legally downloaded it and will still buy it on cd and vinyl. its sure not to disappoint. top yourself is an amazing bluesy slide guitar song by ole jacky. amazing guitar in salute your solution. five on the five has an evil guitar riff. consolers of the lonely is a great benson/white duet. overall its a lot more bluesy than the first. more acoustic guitar, some fuzzy organ, honky tonk piano, and actually a couple great little bass solo parts. i can’t stop listening to it. i’m also going to see them in kansas city.

  6. I thought this morning, don’t you think it’s funny that Jack White is taking such an anti-hype approach to the new album, after his whole career has been drenched in quirks (vinyl, red and white, boy girl) and he became ‘someone’ in the music biz after the whole garage rock explosion?

    Without the huge media pre reviews and baseless hype of White Blood Cells or Elephant, where would he be?

    If I was him i’d kinda be grateful for it all.

  7. hey shane, no it’s not funny that jack white is taking an anti-hype approach to the new album. you make some really stupid observations. You’d be grateful for it all if you were him? Grateful for what? That God made him a badass? But by doing his approach to the album, you think that he’s no longer grateful? Does that make any sense? So he has to kiss the music “biz”‘s ass for the rest of his career to show gratitude? That’s like saying that you’re ungrateful if you quit a job. Even if your boss is an asshole and you hate everything about him and the way he makes you work, you’d be ungrateful if you quit, because hey, he gave you the job. That’s just stupid. And on top of that, you call the hype to White Blood Cells and Elephant “baseless.” What hype isn’t baseless? Can you name one album and explain to me what the difference between that hyped album and a baseless hyped album is? Sorry, I just woke up, and I’m in an irritable mood.

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