Earth-Shattering News: Jack White Gets a New Haircut

Thanks to faithful reader Wendy for dropping this new Raconteurs photo in my inbox:

the raconteurs

Woah, does this short, black, spikey ‘do remind you of anyone else?

Come and knock on my door…

joyce dewitt

Have your say: Jack White’s new haircut: UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE?

I vote….


I for one was not a fan of the long hair. But it’s still not back to the glory days of the short hair with natural waves. Is he flat-ironing the ends??!?!?!

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32 replies on “Earth-Shattering News: Jack White Gets a New Haircut”

  1. alright
    this is probably worse than his GBMS-2005 look
    im going to have nightmares tonight

  2. This has been discussed at great great length on the WS forum. General agreement Jack’s haircut is too feminine. So is Brendan’s, I think. He looks like Farrah Fawcett.

  3. I like it generally, though I think it is styled a little weird in this photo. Almost verging on Flock of Seagulls-ness.

    I like that Jack changes his look from band to band though.

    Patrick’s looks cute too. Did Brenden have long hair before, I can’t remember.

    Little Jack is the constant, looking smooth as always!

  4. Little Jack has the straightest hair known to man. I actually like Patrick’s new hair, although it does make him look a bit older and more serious. Brendan defo needs to tame that mane!

    Maybe Jack just needs to “wash out” and “grow into” his new haircut. I’m just glad it’s shorter now.

  5. I was thinking Joan Jett. I don’t like it in that photo, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in person.

  6. He should go for something like Patrick’s style, or back to his old destijl/wbc pageboy

  7. hmmm still strategically hiding the bald spots. you think with his $ he would get some goddamn hair plugs or something…yeah he looks like a old lez in that pic
    lmao@ #5 monkey hahahahaha

  8. brendan benson looks like skeletor in a 70’s porn star wig and jack looks like joan collins

  9. Surely it’s just the styling? Dig that Brendan has the white hat. Subtlety not exactly a strong suit.

  10. DOWNGRADE! The fact that his hair shows off his face is just a little too strange – his strange pale pout contrasting with a shock of black hair reminds me of Michael Jackson. Ugh.

  11. Jack’s hair looks kind of looks like Edie Sedgwick, Factory girl style, without the frost, he need big earrings.

  12. Jack looks like he’s saying, ‘Oh, hello…I didn’t see you there.’ That is the silliest facial expression. And he’s wearing too much makeup. Otherwise, I like it.

  13. I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s got symmetry and shape. He’s had badder hair days than this. Doesn’t remind me of anybody in particular except the hairstyles of some very stylish Jpop (japanese pop) artists though theirs could even be more stylish and girly looking. This one is alright.

  14. little roomers say it best…just look at jack “austin powers” white!

    don’t worry, jack’s hair will grow and look stringy and wild again by the time you see him live…

  15. Uh.. I had this haricut a few months ago,
    now we look even more alike.
    Essentially, he looks like a woman and I looked like a man.


  16. I absolutely ADORE the new doo of this year. Fantastic!!! Jack White is at his yummiest at this moment in time. He seems to just get better and better with age… like a fine wine. Yummmmmmmy!

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