Chris Martin Continues Bad Naming Streak with “Viva La Vida”

“Loca” on the side, please! Coldplay has just announced the title of their new album, which is to be called er… “Viva la Vida”, which translates to “Long live life,” a quote from Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Of course the name not only congers up images of the vivacious Mexican artist, but also that of another Latin sensation, one mister Ricky Martin who’s pop hit “Living la Vida Loca” skyrocketed to the top of the charts in 1999. Said Chris Martin to Rolling Stone, “Everyone thinks it comes from Ricky Martin, which is fine. I have absolute respect.”

This is not the first time Martin (er… Chris, not Ricky) has made some interesting name choices–his children’s names are “Apple” and “Moses.” He and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s unborn third child will be thankful that Chris got his Spanish-language infatuation out with this album title. (Surely he/she would have been named “Burrito” or “Paella”.)

How long will it be before the first “Livin’ la Vida Loca”/”Viva la Vida” mashup surfaces?

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4 replies on “Chris Martin Continues Bad Naming Streak with “Viva La Vida””

  1. I hate coldplay this is the most awful overrated band ever, why do they have to use a Frida Kahlo quote, she`s a saint a truly artist not like Chris-Bono Wannabe.

    The name is stoopid, what a wasters. Ricky Martin sucks kill his asshole.

    Love your blog, thanks NME for show it to me.

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