“Teenage Dirtbag” Massacre

In the early 2000s one of my guilty pleasure songs was “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. I recently got nostalgic and Googled the song name which lead me to finding this absolutely horrendous version of the song by British pop girl group Girls Aloud. Witness the horror:

There’s no way any of those people have ever listened to Iron Maiden.

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4 replies on ““Teenage Dirtbag” Massacre”

  1. I do believe that Girls Aloud should be burnt at the stake. Not only are they awful poptarts, but they’re also WAGs!!! Have you heard The Arctic Monkey’s cover thier single Love Machine…fucking brilliant!
    The girls, however, fail to cover their own arses, nevermind a song.

  2. Appaling, this song was perfect for a sad teenage deuchebag like me, until now that is. Hate the cheesy choreography too

  3. the line is “he drives an IROC” not “she drives while I rock”. of course, none of these people have probably ever seen a camaro.

  4. I tink its horror!!! They have the best version ( Wheatus )

    ANd Girls Aloud should be

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