Say Hi’s Basement Tapes Session

Check out the latest installment of the Basement Tapes for exclusive performances of the now Seattle-based indie rock fave, Say Hi (aka- the artist formerly known as “Say Hi to Your Mom”). (The 16-year-old kid down the hall who loves robots, rainbows, and being scared of bullies will be eating this shiz UP!)

Say Hi

Features some videos, photos, and live MP3s, one of which is a cover of the Beatles song “I’m So Tired” [DOWNLOAD: Mp3]

Oh and speaking of Beatles covers… did anyone see American Idol on Tuesday night? It was about 2 hours of pure TORTURE, as the contestants took turns brutally gang banging the Lennon-McCartney songbook. There were some rare moments of decency (that willowy blonde chick wasn’t THAT bad and I kinda sorta liked that hilariously over-the-top Creed wannabe dude doing “Eleanor Rigby”), but for the most part a consistent stream of cringe-worthy performances.

This one was the worst: David Archuleta forgetting the words to “We Can Work It Out”. UUUGHHH!:

And you may be horrified, but I dare you to look away: Creed dude doing “Eleanor Rigby”:

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