James McAvoy <3 The Fratellis and Joy Division Biopic Star Wins a Prize

I have often been accused of having incurable Anglophilia, but IT’S JUST NOT TRUE, OK? I actually have Scotophilia, which is the obsession with Scottish people. Am I to be held negatively responsible for their hot accents?

Anyhoo, on Sunday the 2008 Empire Awards were held in London, and TMA favorite, James McAvoy won for Best Actor for Atonement. In his acceptance speech he name-checks fellow Scotsmen (who I saw in March of 2007 at Mercury Lounge), The Fratellis:

“That was The Fratellis, they’re from Scotland, they’re from Glasgow I think and that was cool. I’m truly nervous…”


Oh and English actor Sam Riley, who starred as Ian Curtis in the flawed Joy Division biopic Control, picked up an award for “Best Newcomer”:

In other news, my brain nearly EXPLODED when I saw this amalgamation of Scottish hotness: James McAvoy + Ewan McGregor = Too Much for Me to Handle:

james ewan
The dude in the middle is Ewan’s Othello co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor

Ewan was there picking up the Icon Award for continuing to be awesome.

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