Ultragrrrl’s Got a New Blog…and Book!

A little shout-out to my friend Sarah. You may know her as the top banana over at indie music label Stolen Transmission or as international arbiter of mirth and merriment, Ultragrrrl, but she’s got a new job as the blogger for a new blog called Almack’s Dance Hall (which is run by Universal records). She will be going out every night to a different show and reporting on it, which makes me simultaneously jealous and exhausted thinking about this ambitious feat.

Ah yes, there was once a time when I would go out every night, go see a band (or two… or three!), crash into my little extra long twin bed at my college dorm and then stumble in, bleary-eyed, into class only a few hours later.

Anyhoo, best of luck to Sarah in that new endeavor. Also of note, Ultra has a new book out, Pocket Karaoke, which was released last week.

There was a star-studded karaoke release party at Angels & Kings that I was dying to go to (BECAUSE I LOVE KARAOKE! Sarah, Dan, and I once through a joint bday party in Brian’s loft apartment that resulted in approx. 400 hipsters and general mayhem), but sadly I got sick AGAIN–having never really fully recovered from that not-flu-flu thing that has been going around. (It’s EVERYWHERE! You wake up one morning with a full body ache, fever, chills, nausea, BUT IT’S NOT THE FLU. You will not be able to go outside for about 2-3 days. Awful.)

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