Vampire Weekend’s Chris Tomson Has a Case of the On-Camera Giggles

I couldn’t help but be bemused by the most recent commercials for the Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend episode of Saturday Night Live happening this weekend.

NBC are now airing ads featuring the four New York band members standing behind Amy and an SNL cast member, but instead of watching Amy Adams, who is usually the person talking in almost all the promos, my eyes start gravitating toward VW drummer Chris Tomson. It’s not his dashing good looks that are drawing me in, it’s his completely hilarious barely suppressed goofy grin. I DARE YOU TO LOOK AWAY!

I wonder how many times they had to shoot those promos before the director gave up screaming, “SMILE WITH YOUR EYES, NOT WITH YOUR MOUTH!”

The video example above is by FAR the least of Chris’ grinning crimes. The worst offender? The one where Amy Adams explains that she does not endorse vampires, but werewolves are fine.

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  1. I just don’t get it…what’s with the panic at the disco video? Is it some inside joke? I’m a moron, right?

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