Artwork Fit for a Serial Killer?

Tonight on the way home from dinner I walked by the Merge Gallery, which was having an opening reception for their newest show. As I strolled by the window, I got a glimpse of the artwork–and stopped dead in my tracks.

The show was called “New Blood” and the artwork was made of blood.

The pieces instantly reminded me of America’s favorite fictional serial killer/blood splatter expert, Dexter, that I had to take a closer look. The work looked like giant Dexter blood slides–blood splatters caught between layers of clear resin and Plexiglas.


The show was that of 31-year-old New York artist Jordan Eagles, who has been working with blood as an art material since college. The good news is that Eagles differs from Dexter’s work in the fact that he does not use human blood (he gets his hemoglobin from a New Jersey slaughterhouse). He pours, paints, and drizzles blood over layers of Plexiglas and seals it with resin (untreated blood turns brown).

Methinks good ol’ Dex would be proud.


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