Obama vs. Hillary: The T-Shirt Edition

As the fight for the Democratic nomination continues, I turn your attention to a less publicized war between Obama and Hillary, the title of “Best Looking Campaign Shirt.”

hillary clinton barack obama

The My Fashion Life and PSFK blogs note the existence of two limited-edition shirts being sold with the faces of the two Democratic nominee hopefuls: Barack Obama gets a striking graphic treatment by famed graffiti artist Shepard “Obey” Fairey and Hillary Clinton has fashion world darling, Marc Jacobs, in her corner with a photo-realistic black and white illustrated tee.

The Obama-endorsed design can be bought online for $25, proceeds to toward “creating more campaign t-shirts, posters, and stickers by other artists in support of Obama’s bid for President.” The Clinton shirt can be found at Marc by Marc Jacobs retail stores for the low-low price of $35 (Jacobs’ previous Clinton tee in 2004 sold for $55-$60), proceeds go directly toward Clinton’s campaign.

I gotta say, I’m kinda impartial to the Clinton illustration…but either of these fashionable items will go great with my Gore/Lieberman 2000 pins.

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  1. isnt it illegal to buy a shirt and it go directly to the campaign if its not produced by the campaign? isnt that bundling? especially if they arent made union? hmmmmm….

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