7 replies on “SPIN.com Redesign: Upgrade or Downgrade?”

  1. I always turn to the magazine that’s owned by Maxim for my music news. I just want a layout of Meg White washing a car in a bikini.

  2. I haven’t looked at an issue of Spin since the 90s…I think U2 was on the cover with their PopMart thing a-brewing.

    You do not have to visit spin.com in order to have some hipster music blog, cunt.

  3. what’s the point of calling someone a cunt? esp when you dont even own up to doing it.

  4. I used to enjoy Spin a lot, but recently it is slowly becoming just like Rolling Stone. Most of the Spin’s writers jumped ship and now write for Harp magazine, which I really like a lot. Harp reviews about a hundred albums an issue. The current editor of Spin magazine was the former editor for Blender magazine, owned by Maxim, which explains their recent downturn. I guess you can’t blame them though, their subscribers are going up. It’s all about the bottom line.

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