Vampire Weekend on SNL This Saturday

Woah nelly! Was anyone watching Wilco trying out their new songs playing songs off their latest album, Sky Blue Sky, (which some people have described “Hate It Here” in particular as sounding like “house band music”) last night on SNL?

Relive the horror of the first song (vid via Stereogum):

Also, download MP3s of the performance here.

Oh, if anyone can find a good screen cap of Tweedy wearing that white and red nudie suit during “Walken”, I’d love to put it next to a photo of Jack White for a good ol’ “Who Wore It Better?” contest. This image is not big enough.

Did anyone else’s jaw drop when they saw that Vampire Weekend is going to be the musical guest on next weekend’s Saturday Night Live? (Guest host is Amy Adams.)

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  1. Wow. First time checking out your site and I discover you’re an idiot.

    See ya.

  2. “Woah nelly! Was anyone watching Wilco trying out their new songs which some people have described as sound like “house band music”” – this comment is why you were called an idot.

    also my first time reading this blog. I heard you won an award??

  3. Hi guys, this is Laura, the owner of this site. I just want to say, I am not the person who posted as “me”–that was someone else. I’m not threatening to beat anyone up. And although I didn’t actually come up with the term “house band music” in reference to Wilco’s performance on SNL (that honor goes to someone I was talking to at the time of the show), I do agree with it, hence why I repeated the phrase.

  4. Wilco on snl was the first time ive ever been let down by the band. I would just switch “trying out their new songs” to “performing songs from their latest album Sky Blue Sky which was released May 15th 2007”, so these songs are way passed the “trying out stage”
    When Wilco performed “is that the thanks i get” on conan that was “trying out a new song”

  5. if you people are going to hate on her for having an opinion then you clearly don’t get the point of a BLOG do you?
    and for what it’s worth, i’m a longtime fan of wilco and i thought they were terrible on SNL. shoot me.

    obvs you know my jaw dropped when i saw VW were gonna be on next week. just shows what internet buzzzzzzzzzzz can do for a band

  6. Laura, you are a god of a person, don’t change. One of the prices you pay for winning an NME award is an influx of pedantic dickheads looking at your site.

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but what was so bad about the performance? House Music? Have you listened to Vampire Weekend latley? I’m not hating, I just don’t understand what you didn’t like about the performance, other than the fact that the song itself isn’t very good…but that’s vintage Wilco, right? Shouldn’t we applaud bands who just say ‘fuck it’ and play whatever they want? All in all my point is–the performance was not bad by any means.

  8. I and some people knew about that before you did. Vampire Weekend had announced it like a day before it actually aired on SNL. Even though I wish they would play “Campus” with “mansard roof” or “A-punk” with “I stand corrected”, I know they are gonna play “mansard roof” with “A-punk”. oh well. they rock.

  9. What alternate reality is this where Wilco is the crappy band and Vampire Weekend are all the rage? I really don’t like Vampire Weekend, and I think they are completely overrated. I must not read enough internet buzz to buy into their hype. I listened to their album, and that was enough to make me wish they didn’t exist.

  10. not that i checked their site before the show, but it’s possible that they posted their classic “pick what you play” section for the snl show and people just wanted those songs? probably not, but who knows…

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