Live-ish Blogging The 2008 Oscars

8:29PM: Sitting down with a quart of Ben & Jerry’s right now in front of the television, waiting for the Oscars to start. Will update when something notable happens.

8:35PM: Daniel Day Lewis, earrings on both ears… yay or nay? Colin Ferrel, how/why is he allowed at the Oscars?

8:36PM: James McAvoy! Sitting next to wifey and nominee Saoirse Ronan.

8:40PM: I love the joke about the black/woman President, “how will we know it’s the future?”

8:42PM: Jennifer Garner, why is there a giant piece of hair falling all over the front of your face? Girlfriend has never met a boob-squishing strapless dress she hasn’t liked.

8:52PM: Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. DID HE JUST SAY SH-T?? Or was it just “Shhhhhht”?

8:56PM: Catherine Heigl looks and sounds like she’s going to barf. She also looks like she loves bronzer.


8:59PM: Amy Adams singing “Happy Working Song” from Enchanted. With no special effects or back up dancers.

9:10PM: Harrison and Calista. Eww!!

9:16PM: Woah, I forgot that Jennifer Hudson won last year.

9:18PM: Javier Bardem wins for Best Supporting Actor!

9:30PM: Owen Wilson, alive and well!?

This man who just won for animated short brought Peter the doll up with him to the Oscar stage.

9:35PM: Ooooh boy! Best Supporting Actress coming up!

9:37PM: Hahha, James gave a wink and a nudge to Saoirse.

9:39PM: WOAHOOOOHH! Tilda Swinton won. So rad! Her agent who has an Oscar-shaped butt. Hilarious! George Clooney in the Batman suit with the nipples shout out? Genius!

9:44PM: Jessica Alba dressed up as furry Grimace.

jessica grimace

9:45PM: James McAvoy looking scruffy and a slick Josh Brolin!! (James said on Leno that he’s chuffed b/c of his well-documented love of Goonies.)No Country for Old Men wins it!

9:53PM: Miley Cyrus has a stray hair part. And she’s wearing red ALSO.

10:10PM: Leading Actress up! Ellen Page looked so scared.. Marion Cotillard wins.

10:18PM: Yay it’s Once up! Singing “Falling Slowly”. Woah with a WHOLE ORCHESTRA beneath them! A little bit more involved than this:

10:22PM: Awww they’re so cute!

10:25PM: Hmmm… Heath Ledger in the tribute to those that have passed away, Y/N? Technically it should only be folks who died in 2007, but methinks he has a good chance of making it in there.

10:31PM: Nicole Kidman sure is wearing a lot of bling, but why is her necklace all jumbled on her left side?

10:36PM: Kidman looks so bored!

10:40PM: *Yawn* getting tired. Let’s wrap this shiz up by 11 ppl.

10:46PM: Do you think Patrick Dempsey feels weird about watching some guy dressed up like him in the movie dancing on the stage only a few feet away? That chick playing Giselle really looks like Amy Adams though.

10:49PM: Hahah! Travolta almost slipped on that spot that Colin Farrell was talking about! Best Song… I want Once to win but they are up 3 Enchanted songs… WOAH!!!! ONCE WON! That’s awesome!

10:75PM: YAY! They are letting Marketa Irglova speak! She totally got cut off. Loves it.

11:00PM: Danoooo! Danooooo! Dano!

11:01PM: Uh oh. The tribute section. WILL LEDGER MAKE IT? Ohhh snap! They changed it to Jan 31, 2008. LEDGER IS GOING TO MAKE IT.

11:05PM: LEDGER.

11:10PM: Hahha. The camera dudes are all about the McAvoy instead of the dude that just won for the music for Atonement wtf. Ummm… James McAvoy’s wife looks like Amy Sedaris.

anne-marie amy sedaris

11:25PM: Woah! Diablo Cody wins for Best Original Screenplay. She looks scared/emotional. NO MILLION DOLLAR STUART WEITZMAN SHOES! Ballet flats instead. (Man, she was pissed when she found out it was a publicity stunt.) Awwww! She’s all choked up. Woah, she almost flashed everyone just then.

11:30PM: Best Actor

11:34PM: DANIEL-DAY LEWIS PICKS IT UP! Will he dedicate it to Heath Ledger?

11:40PM: Awww. I wish HW was there too! Someone on ONTD just commented “I DRINK YOUR OSCAR!” LOL.

11:42PM: Martin Scorsese looks exactly the same as he did last year! The Coen Brothers win it again!

11:45PM: Denzel! Best Motion Picture…

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… No Country for Old Men.

Time to go to sleep bye bye.

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11 replies on “Live-ish Blogging The 2008 Oscars”

  1. Cate Blanchett was robbed, but I guess she’s a lock for best actress. Tilda Swinton should play David Bowie.

  2. I guess you were right, still she was fantastic as Bob Dylan and practically made I’m Not There for me.

  3. what a shame. I hearted him when I was 12.

    ps: Cynthia Wade is awesome. I really loved her film (Freeheld, best short doc)

  4. Tilda Swinton was an upset for me. I love her but Michael Clayton didn’t have her best performance. I was personally rooting for Amy Ryan seeing she’s the underdog in the biz right now, and how brutal her portrayal as a neglectful junky mother was in Gone Baby Gone.

    I’m happy Marion won. She was so brilliant and beautiful.

    Dano should’ve had a nomination for best supporting.

    Being an TWBB whore, I made a promise if Day-Lewis didn’t win, I’d never watch the Oscars again. Having said that, I really wanted to spoil myself and have TWBB win all the other categories. But I’m sure the public might have lynched the Academy if No Country didn’t win best picture.

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