OMG: Jared Leto Gets a Brand New Haircut

TV dreamboat cum “emo” rocker Jared Leto has been out and about in Europe sporting a brand new ‘do, much to the amazement of fans and celeb hounds alike.

In this case pictures DO speak a thousand words. No adjectives under the sun could begin to explain the breathtaking photo of the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman I’m about to show you.

Here’s one hint about the glory that awaits you after the jump:

suri cruise

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jared leto hair

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10 replies on “OMG: Jared Leto Gets a Brand New Haircut”

  1. I don’t usually laugh at the screen (just think “funny” or “clever”).

    I actually laughed uncontrollablly for like 2 whole minutes.

    It is the messiah of all effed up haircuts – coming from someone who once had a ridic a-symetrical haircut herself.

    Thank you.

  2. I just saw No Country for Old Men last night. If I ran into Mr Leto on the street, I would check his hands for an oxygen tank or a shotgun.

  3. I had to keep scrolling up to hide the image, and then
    scroll down for another look… for some reason his
    hair cut is making me blush to look at it…

    I’m not sure if that’s because I’m uncomfortable for him or me… Wtf Jared!?

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