R.I.P. HORION74: Ryan Adams Says So Long to YouTube

As those AT&T Blackberry Valentine’s Day commercials featuring Ryan Adams keep telling me, “it’s only gonna make you love me more.” Perhaps that’s the message budding auteur D.R. Adams was trying to tell us by deleting his YouTube account.

Gone are the genius videos of RyRy stomping around to metal music in sky-high hooker boots. Gone are his videos lamenting his break-up with Jessica Joffe. (Jack White could have told him a thing or two about the trouble with lovin’ red-haired women.) And gone are his most recent additions, devoted to the love of Rodarte and Fashion Week.

Now all we have left are the memories, and these photos of Ryan KILLING UP A FASHION STORM during NYC Fashion Week:

ryan adams fashion week

More deliciously dandy fashions follow…

ryan adams fashion week

ryan adams fashion week

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