White Stripes Sued for Sampling Radio Show

According to The Canadian Press:

Former Radio-Canada host Dominique Payette was stunned to discover a 10-second clip of her interview with a little girl at the top of “Jumble, Jumble” by the White Stripes.

She is suing the band, demanding $70,000 in damages and the removal of the album “De Stijl” from store shelves.

The song begins with Payette and a little girl talking in French about something the child has experienced “for the first time.”

Thanks to WH for the tip.

10 Replies to “White Stripes Sued for Sampling Radio Show”

  1. Is there not some kind of statute of limitations on these things? And how could her privacy be violated if she was on a public radio show?

  2. What? She waits 8 years to have an issue with a song. When jack was trying to distribute that CD in 2000 she didn’t even know who the White Stripes were. Money, money, money. It’s always about money. He becomes more and more well known and NOW she has an issue. Is his mom gonna sue him now for talking before Let’s Build a Home?

  3. ooh this new spanish version of conquest looks interesting.. his fastest solo on record? can’t wait to hear it!

  4. As much as I love WS, it would be hypocritical if they were to argue this case. Seeing that in their history they’ve been very adamant that nobody touches their material without full permission as well, whether it’s alternate concert footage or early releases of songs.
    I know it’s not exactly the best comparison but you if live by one’s principles, you should expect that others will do the same. I just hope this doesn’t get ugly.

    Although, 70k and the removal of De Stijl is a bit harsh for a 5 second audio clip.

  5. I get why she’s pissed, but I don’t think she can demand De Stijl to be removed from the shelves. I hope she’s won’t be able to – it’s their most fantastic album, imo.

  6. “Suck it, Trebek…”

    As ignorant and un-CBC-like as it is to attempt to pull ANY album off store shelves- this should at least serve as a significant warning to Mr. Jack “The Virtuous” White: Don’t Bite the Hand of the Media That Feeds You.

    His tired old “cease and desist” letters will forever be tainted and irrelevant…

    Man… what a “Jack”-ass…

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