Ryan Adams Wants His Fashion, Damnit!

Ryan just posted a new video 4 hours ago telling the tale of being “cock-blocked by a ghost”–aka, removed from a Fashion Week show guest list by an unnamed person from his past. In the video he sings a song threatening the person who caused his anguish tonight by basically vowing to get them blocked out of as many parties as he can and repeating over and over, “New York City ain’t yours, baby.”

Hmmmm…. what’s your best guess about who was the soul responsible for banning Ryan from carousing with models?

Ry Ry also posted another videotitled “SATANIC LIVE from Fashion Week” about 3 hours ago. In the notes for the video he mentions how totally PSYCHED he is about seeing the Rodarte show:

i can’t wait to see the Rodarte show (they are sooooo seriously Blade Runner)…..etc.

I have to say, men who know who Rodarte are but are straight confuse me.

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  1. congratulations ryansucks, that’s the joke that’s just like herpes simplex!

    in other news, THAT YOUTUBE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DELETED. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now I have no frends. Will you be my frend?

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