Jack Penate at Mercury Lounge: The Notorious J.A.C.K.

Behold! Jack Penate did a few lines from one of his New York City music heroes, Biggie Smalls (his other hero? Jeff Buckley), by busting out the song “Dead Wrong” during a show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

Check it out as he breaks it down:

Needless to say Jack Penate is an absolutely adorable ball of energy. He looks much better in person than he does in photographs–he looked positively cute in his little zip-up hoodie, black jeans, and brown lace-up shoes when he was checking his gear before starting the show.

But then he unzipped the hoodie to reveal an outfit that could only be described as “pirate chic”–a red and white striped number with said black jeans and brown shoes, simple gold chain necklace now visible around his neck. Despite the newly nautical direction that the show had taken, Jack plowed through his set with astounding enthusiasm, charm, and flare.

I was throughly impressed by his set–the songs off his new album, Matinee, take on a whole new vibrancy when you see Jack and his band (a drummer and bassist) performing the songs live. Jack barrels about the stage with little concern for his proximity to the front row’s heads, welding his guitar in a hap-hazard fashion–legs akimbo and arms flying in the opposite direction as his hips. He becomes a force of nature, and a force to be reckoned with.

jack penate mercury lounge

What’s that little white blob in the air? Detailed photo after the jump!

It’s a Penate-fueled loogie!

jack penate mercury lounge

Anyone know the name of this fast little ditty? Jack said it wasn’t on the album:

Jack plays again tomorrow night at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

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