James McAvoy Hearts “The Goonies” and Why Paul Dano Had to Play Twins in “There Will Be Blood”

Newsweek recently had a round table interview featuring Angelina Jolie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Page, George Clooney, James McAvoy, and Marion Cotillard.

I skipped over reading anything Angelina said, but I was particularly intrigued by what James McAvoy had to say about the movie that inspired him to be an actor:

It sounds weird, but there’s a film called “The Goonies.” [Laughter] And I mean it with all my heart. As a young boy that film made me cry because it’s about how you still have your problems at 10 years old or 12 years old. When I was little, you didn’t get chased by pirates and you didn’t get chased by gangsters and nobody was trying to kill you with guns, but your adventures were no less exciting. It helped inspire my imagination.


james mcavoy goonies

Something that also sparked my interest was the mention that emerging hottie Paul Dano wasn’t originally cast as Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood–in fact he replaced another young actor about 3 weeks into the filming at the drop of a hat! Crazy.

But who did Dano replace?

According to reports, he stepped in for Kel O’Neil, who has an upcoming role in the Brian DePalma film Redacted. Turns out that Dano was originally cast only as Paul Sunday, but when O’Neil was fired, director Paul Thomas Anderson decided to make Paul and Eli twins in order to explain why the two brothers looked identical. Amazing.

To read the whole thing in one shot, go to ONTD.

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  1. That TWBB article is actually excerpts from the Press Conference. It was said that the original “Eli” was too intimidated by Daniel Day-Lewis during casting and left.

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