Paul Dano: Pictures of an Emerging Hottie?

Woah, this came out of nowhere! You’ve seen him play a moody, mute teen in Little Miss Sunshine, you saw him play a geeky nerd in The Girl Next Door, and you saw him play a religious fanatic in There Will Be Blood. But are you ready to see Paul Dano play HOTTIE? Behold–new pictures of him in the newest issue of GQ in which he stars in a pictorial, “So You Wanna Be a Rock + Roll Star?”.

If you remember from last year’s profile of Paul’s band, Mook, you know the Dano loves to make the music, but who knew that he’d look so great as a rock ‘n’ roller? His tall lanky frame looks fantastic in the designer duds, and his natural hair color is totally working for him.

Check out these photos. Hottie or nottie? Very cute IMHO:

Paul Dano dressing up as Jack White:

paul dano jack white gq

Paul Dano as Luke Kooks’ brother:
paul dano is in the kooks

Paul Dano as the missing member of some emo band your kid sister saw during the last Warped Tour:

paul dano is emo

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