Ryan Adams Laments a Breakup with Jessica Joffe In a Series of YouTube Videos

What do the aforementioned Ryan Adams‘ helmed HORION74 videos “Sad Days” and the newly uploaded “Jessica”, “Gloria”, and “Why Heartache Wins” have in common? Well, they all feature (or feature allusions to) (ex?)-girlfriend Jessica Joffe.

ryan adams breakup

On the bright side, Ryan is probably now single… on the down side, he’s probably not ready to mingle. I guess he can’t bounce back as quickly as Elyse Sewell.

Oh Ryan, sometimes you are just too emo for your own good. Sorry to see you hurting.

The descriptions of the videos are all pretty bleak:

“Jessica” (which features the line, “Jessica, I ain’t no good” and images of “Sorry” and other similarly downcast imagery):

if shit is gonna be out there in no matter how small a dose, i thought i would rust off this tune.
better days now mean reflecting on better days. eh

“Why Heartache Wins”:

This is my new movie I made tonight. I was losesme but okay so I jut sat dowm and made and avdertisment for my new solo record “MAGICK” these are just clips and I don’t even know what would go on there. Looking forward to making vinyl.
Stay True. I love this new place no matter how different or scary it is so share vids. i hope i am being respectful.
D R Adams, director, special effetcs, editing (yikes), Titles and first camera opertor.
secondat camera operators…
(note some of the originals were disressed for impression…..but I am hoored to have been their sudject

“Gloria” (where he makes reference to this Gawker post about his breakup–basically confirming his breakup):

A WEIRD movie about traveling all the way from Oklahoma to Tucson Arizona.
Gawker posted some stuff bout SAD DAYS. i thought the clouds and stuff were a metaphor for that feeling of being lost after someone you know every day for over two years just goes away. whatev….my movies are made knowing they are pretty crappy. im trying.

“Sad Days”:

its a rhoda/ rhodaro thing, and we don;t even understand. oh well.
she locked [SIC? does he mean “blocked”?] my email. now i am “one of those guys” like when a girl says, you know “Gary” (or whoever and then makes that sounds like “bleeeccchhh”. oh me.
i am just a little bear roaming the hillside looking for my family and like minded dreamers. looking for places with flowers and love.
no disrespect, men lose their way when their past is a mystery.

Thanks to JG for the heads…

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  1. Ryan Adams is so versatile in his musical style and has such
    a great voice. I don’t think he’s famous for his looks, but I like him!

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