Cell Phone Drama at “There Will Be Blood”

So last night I went to see the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, There Will Be Blood, at the Union Square theater. Me and the BSB are running late, so we book it into the theater about 20 minutes before it starts. Lucky for us, they just let everyone in so we are able to get good seats.

So the movie is effing long, ok? It’s like 2 1/2 hours long, and my phone goes off RIGHT in the middle of this intense quiet scene. Yup, I was that person. But what I realized was that the movie is SO long that the theater didn’t have time to play that 30 second clip of the dancing popcorn telling you to shut your cell phone off–and since I was so rushed, I totally forgot, AND I had my phone on silent the whole day long, but I must’ve put it on ring when I was trying to locate the BSB, so I would here it if it went off. I promise you, I’m NEVER that person who leave their phone on during the movie.

there will be blood cellphone

(The trailer for Funny Games starring Michael Pitt, Tim Roth, and Naomi Watts look AWESOME btw.)

Anyway, so I’m the really annoying person who has their phone go off in the middle of the movie, and my ringtone is “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects, so I’m pretty much mortified. So as I’m desperately scrambling to turn my phone off, the woman next to me is like “UUggghhH!!!!,” and she makes this loud annoyed sound.

So I finally fish my phone out and stop the ringing (This is all happening in a number of seconds, it’s not like I’m letting my phone ring for minutes.) But now I’m holding my phone in my hand b/c my phone also makes ANOTHER noise when you want to turn the ringer off so I’m waiting for some noise so i can turn the ringer off. Then I finally just press it after a minute or two and it makes this little beep and the woman is like “CAN YOU SHUT THAT THING OFF, DAMNIT?” So I’m like, “I AM turning it off,” in this low, but enraged whisper.

What do you think she thought I was going to do instead of turning the phone off? Was I going to start making phone calls in the middle of the theater? Was this movie capable of curing cancer and by me making a tiny beep, I’ve denying the world the cure to a horrible disease? Seriously, WHAT was the point of her saying that, other than to be a b-tch?

I was so angry at her I felt like taking my cell phone and clocking her over the head with it. THERE WILL, BE BLOOOOOOOD!

I just had to get that off my chest. It only goes to show you, dancing popcorn warning you about cell phones going off IS actually effective.

Oh and the movie? I thought it was good, not as *amazing* as all the critics are making it out to be, but I loved that Paul Dano was in it–I was scared he’d get pigeon-holed after Little Miss Sunshine. The bits about how oil is dug were interesting, and the soundtrack by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood was BRILLIANT, but I think the movie is a little bit too long. All in all worth seeing, but no need to run. It’s basically Gangs of New York: The West Coast Years, but Daniel Day Lewis is still pretty good and the vision of the wild frontier of America is pretty awesome.

I also saw one of my favorite singer-songwriters there at the showing.
Interested to hear which one you think it was…

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25 replies on “Cell Phone Drama at “There Will Be Blood””

  1. No no.

    The movie is awesome. I’ve seen it thrice. Even though we’re friends, I would’ve socked you if I was in the same theater. That’s how awesome it is: you get punched in the head…emotionally.

    PTA ftw.

  2. The correct & official cast order of Funny Games is Naomi Watts (LEAD), Tim Roth, and Michael Pitt. It is indeed an awesome list, but awesome doesn’t mean listing the male before the female actors.

  3. yeah… come on miss modernage, you know you’d be writing about how “some bastard next to me had her phone go off in the middle of a crucial scene” if the situations were reversed.

  4. You are a fool. Seriously, the movie is amazing. Best of 2007.

    Maybe you need a new ringtone, huh?

  5. i totally would have blogged about it if it had been the other way around, making fun of the person who had the AAR ringtone. But I doubt I would have gone and said “CAN YOU TURN THAT THING OFF, DAMNIT!”

  6. I’m soooo sorry I called you at that moment–but had a fabulous day “learning to be cool” with you today, so I’m glad I called! Will call you tomorrow night and let you know what happens, so try not to be in a movie or leave the phone on vibrate this time 🙂

  7. For those of you who don’t know, Funny Games is a re-make from a 1997 Austrian film of the same title.


  8. No reason to list in alphabetical order when the official order is out as clearly shown on the poster and the movie website.

  9. So the movie is effing long, ok? That’s an understatement. I couldn’t stand this movie. Everything about it was too self-important and pretentious. Sucks about the phone going off in the theater.

  10. Dude, like anyone wants to read your dumbass story about your phone, bonehead. Get to the freakin’ review already…

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