One to Watch: Jack Penate at Mercury Lounge

So I’ve been given a mandate for this year by the BSB. I’m to stop being so much of a “homester” and “get out more.” With the writers strike still underway, in a few months there will be no compelling television to be watching on the boob tube anyway, so maybe I won’t be subscribing to cable any time soon. (How do I end up watching TV so much, you ask? I go to the houses of others who are more tv fortunate.)

And now since Mother Nature has decided it’s spring (um, hello 68 degrees today–IT’S JANUARY!) I’m feeling more optimistic about being outside and interacting with *gasp* real live people.

So in the spirit of de-hermiting myself, I’d like to draw your attention to two shows I’m excited to see before the end of January–and believe me, it takes a lot to get me excited about music these days.

First up is the Jack Penate show at Mercury Lounge on January 22nd. Jack Penate has been described to me as “the male Lily Allen.” So far there is no word on whether or not Jack is now pregnant with the child of the OTHER Chemical Brother, but Jack definitely has an enormous following in the UK, which instantly means obsessive compulsive asian Anglophile girls and Union Jack flag bearing white chicks will be quietly swooning from the front row as Mr. Penate plays his sweet sweet music in two weeks. The fact that Jack’s press shots were done by rock photog Ewen Spencer (who famously did the photos for The Streets’ first and second albums, and the White Stripes’ cover for Get Behind Me Satan) makes me like him just a little bit more.

jack penate

Opening for Jack will be The Postelles, a New York-based quartet playing upbeat, pop-riffic music. Their Myspace profile lists no other influence besides “New York,” and after listening to 3 seconds of their video for “Boy’s Best Friends” I think that “New York” means “The Strokes.”

You decide:

Surprisingly tickets are still available for the show. They will not last long. Buy here.

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