Post Chronicle Writer Jim Brogan Artlessly Re-purposes My Article

I woke up this morning to find my blog post about this weekend’s Marty Crandall/Elyse Sewell’s mash-up in Sacramento totally re-purposed without any attribution by The Post Chronicle writer Jim Brogan. (Thanks for the notes from readers who also noticed!)

Mr. Brogan has blatantly taken my January 5th blog post–swapping in synonyms every now and then–and posted it as his own.

Some examples:


OK, so fans of ANTM Season 1 will already know a little something about Elyse Sewell. For those who don’t, Elyse was the awesome chick from the first season of ANTM who famously hated all the other b-tches in the house and was bored out of her mind talking to all the vapid airheads she was forced to live with.

She was the cool chick with the short hair and was often seen wearing Shins t-shirts, since she was the girlfriend of The Shins keyboardist, Marty Crandall.

Since being on ANTM, Elyse has successfully been working as a model, mainly in the Asian markets (because Asians like dark-haired pale, skinny white people?) and from what I can surmise from reading her LiveJournal blog every now and then, her and Marty had an intense on-off relationship for a number of years.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

Fans of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model Season 1 will know Elyse Sewell. (See YouTube videos) For those who do not, Elyse was the gal from the first season of ANTM who famously despised all the other babes in the house.

Sewell often appeared completely bored and impatient yapping with the other vapid airheads she was forced to share a dwelling with. She had short hair and could often be seen wearing Shins t-shirts.

She and Marty would go on to have an intense on-off relationship for around seven years.


If anyone wants to spring $25,000, you can probably get really great seats to the next Shins show.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

If anyone wants To pony-up $25,000 for The New Slang star, you can probably get really good seats to the next Shins show.

Sound familiar, hmmm??

Yup, I thought so too.

You can let the Post Chronicle know how you feel about Jim Brogan’s story by sending them some feedback courtesy of their “Contact Us” web form or by emailing them directly at

Other publications like the Wilamette Week were capable of writing their own stories and giving proper attribution.

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  1. I tried to reply through their website but when you hit the button “Send” it brings you to a Google search, I guess to avoid actually sending your message. So make sure you send an email.

  2. i’d read your post first, and then for some reason, later that day, i ended up on the post chronicle’s article.. wondered why it sounded so familiar. now i know!!

  3. Seeing as i hate douchebags, i decided to look into this. I chose a random story i fould of jim brogans and googled a small phrase from it. I found another article posted one day earlier on another website with almost the same text, except one or two minor changes. I have a feeling he does this quite often and it shouldnt be too difficult to find more examples of it.

    Arcticle posted sept 24th-

    Brogan article a day later-

  4. They pulled the same shit with me. I complained via email here ; the article’s similarities to mine were quickly attributed and the editor had this to say.

    “Dear Chris,
    Jim has been taken behind the woodshed by the editor. Attribution has been given. Our apologies.”

    Looks like the fucker hasn’t learned his lesson.

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