Dexter to Air on CBS Starting February 17th

YEssss!!! Something good has come due to the writer’s strike. It seems as though the rumors are true! CBS has just announced that they will start airing re-runs of the first season of the hit Showtime series Dexter. The show, starring Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who kills other serial killers, will be edited down for the masses and aired on the broadcast channel starting February 17th at 10PM.

Prepare for the nation at large to fall in love with Dexter!

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4 replies on “Dexter to Air on CBS Starting February 17th”

  1. The censored version of that show is going to be, like, 10 minutes long. Still, I’m glad that more people will be exposed to it.

  2. Its a shame that “the masses” are going to be exposed to Dexter for the first time in edited form…i cant imagine that working.

  3. to be honest guys, there’s really not much they’re going to have to cut. at least important things. look at almost every single person he kills and it’s not graphic at all, no more than you see on network TV now. only exception I think of is the blood spraying when he killed for the first time. other than that, toss out some language, a bit of his flashbacks, a flying head(possibly not, it’s not very clear) can anyone else add to the list? i really don’t see much to cut out. hell the ice truck killer’s crime scenes aren’t even bloody. 🙂

    i gotta admit though, Doakes will not be the same without the F-bomb haha

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