Shins Keyboardist Martin Crandall Get Thrown In the Slammer on Charges of Domestic Violence

If you are a lover of reality television, especially of Tyra Banks‘s hit show America’s Next Top Model, you will be amazed by the rest of this post. OR if you are a lover of The Garden State OR of sensitive music written by men, you will also be riveted.

OK, so fans of ANTM Season 1 will already know a little something about Elyse Sewell. For those who don’t, Elyse was the awesome chick from the first season of ANTM who famously hated all the other b-tches in the house and was bored out of her mind talking to all the vapid airheads she was forced to live with. She was the cool chick with the short hair and was often seen wearing Shins t-shirts, since she was the girlfriend of The Shins keyboardist, Marty Crandall.

in happier, less douchebaggy times
The couple in happier, less violent times. Photo from Elyse Sewell’s Livejournal.

Since being on ANTM, Elyse has successfully been working as a model, mainly in the Asian markets (because Asians like dark-haired pale, skinny white people?) and from what I can surmise from reading her LiveJournal blog every now and then, her and Marty had an intense on-off relationship for a number of years.

And this is where it all gets crazy, earlier today Elyse posted photos of her bruised arm and a brief account of how on the drive back home from Albuquerque to Portland, boyfriend Marty got “shitfaced” and allegedly physically assaulted her at a Sacramento hotel. She claims to have escaped from the room and gone downstairs to inform the hotel staff that her boyfriend had beat her up, and then they called the police.

elyse sewell

When the po po came to the scene, Marty showed them a bite-mark on his arm (which Elyse claims was inflicted in self-defense) and told them he wanted to press charges of domestic violence against Elyse. The face arrested Elyse, who spent a night in jail before posting bail.

The 5’9″, 145-pound Marty has also been arrested for Corporal Injury to a Spouse/Cohabitant and Domestic Violence (picked up last night around 8:30pm), but he hasn’t quite figured out how to post bail–he’s still in jail, and you can follow his status of freedom on by searching under his name “Martin Lesley Crandall”. If anyone wants to spring $25,000, you can probably get really great seats to the next Shins show.

Both Elyse and Marty will be in court on 1/8 in Sacramento to have a hearing.

UPDATE: Martin Crandall is now a free man according to He was released as of 1/6/08.

UPDATE 1/8/08: Sewell has been cleared of all charges, Crandall is expected to be cleared as well tomorrow.

All fanmail for Marty can be sent to:

Sacramento County Main Jail
651 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

And for the REALLY interested:

bad marty crandall

LOL. I love his alias, “Marte”

Oh, and for those keeping count, the alleged source of the fight was when Elyse complained that Marty had left her with 3 suitcases and a bag of Del Taco food to haul up to the room all by herself. I guess Marty cannot STAND it if his Del Taco is cold.

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44 replies on “Shins Keyboardist Martin Crandall Get Thrown In the Slammer on Charges of Domestic Violence”

  1. No one should support The Shins because of this. No woman deserves to be beaten by an angry drunk.

  2. Agreed! I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law. And she should be applauded for being brave enough to publicize this atrocity.

  3. Well, I don’t think all of The Shins should be punished for the alleged wrongdoings of one member. (I mean, Marty is the keyboardist, not the flipping lead singer.) I don’t know how close the band members are to one another, but I hope the other dudes let Marty know how UNCOOL it is to ALLEGEDLY beat up on your girlfriend.

  4. Jesus christ, The guy made a big mistake. He deserves the penal sentencing and that’s it.

    Also for all you Elyse Sewell fanboys/girls You’re going to be outnumbered in your hate for Martin Crandall. So suck it you stupid minority.

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  6. I love how everyone makes him out to be guilty. I guess you were all in the room with them, huh? Then she posts the pics on her livejournal, are you kidding me?!?!?!

  7. Right..

    Yeah this is bs. Any attention in the media, and responses from the public, with regards to domestic violence is inevitably biased towards the woman. Not only because the most vociferous posters are often people with a feminist agenda or sufferers of abuse themselves, but because the rest of us who don’t just jump to conclusions often don’t comment.

    And don’t forgot; an arrest and some bruises don’t necessarily mean that anybody is automatically guilty. Besides, it sounds like the police also took her into custody before she posted bail. So who’s to blame then?

    “And she should be applauded for being brave enough to publicize this atrocity.” = Crap.

    Just because he hasn’t posted bail and “publicized” anything doesn’t mean that either of them are more guilty than the other, if either of them are guilty of anything at all.

    Also! Guess what; regardless of the actions of any of the members, the Shins still make amazing music. I’ll carry on buying their music as long as its good, regardless of the alleged actions of any of the members.

  8. Wow, I hope that Post Chronicle “writer” gets his ass fired.

    Can’t wait to find out the truth behind this Elyse/Marty incident…

  9. kinda sicko uf you ask me – to put that private shizzle on the net…
    i mean… like : hey i wanna be brit. or jacko. let everyone know.
    sure its shit to beat uf your chick. but it’s even more shit to cry to the community like that.

    does she wanna make clear that she hates the shins now and she’s never gonna watch ANTM again cuz she wore all those shins shirts ?
    and she’s gonna throw them all away cause she gets pissy rememberd of marte all the time she wears them ?

    uh c’mon they we’re lovezombies for about 7 years. which are about one thousand years in an indierelationship.
    sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to remember who’s ya daddy.

    me jokin

  10. Well said, Chris Sutcliffe.
    I find it disgusting that so many people immediately jumped to a conclusion about this, based on one person’s version of events. Especially given that she was arrested too. To be honest, the tone of this whole post is obviously leaning one way. Where’s her arrest details? Why is he described as “bad Marty Crandall” while she is the “awesome chick”. Now, if either one of them is found guilty, then they deserve everything they get – but it’s not for us to decide. WE WEREN’T THERE. I’m a big Shins fan, and I would have serious misgivings about someone who would post pictures and a story like that on a blog, but I’m obviously not going to let that influence what I think about the whole situation – I’ll obviously reserve judgement until the case is heard.

    All that said, it’s not really any of my, or your goddamn business.

  11. I’m a calm guy. I had a borderline abusive father who I stood up to as a child to protect my mother. I would never allow myself to lose my temper, drunk or otherwise, with a woman. I’ve dated my share of skinny indie women, models or otherwise. I’ve been physically attacked by them when they flipped out over something, and been bitten, and done nothing more than grab their arms to defend myself. I’ve had them show people bruises resulting from that as signs of “abuse,” which luckily anyone who knows me would not take seriously for a minute.

    I’ll hold off paying any further attention to this until both sides of the story are out.

  12. I don’t think I need to remind readers that this a blog, not a news site. I do not claim to be unbiased in any way. However, I do recognize that Mr. Crandall has not has his day in court, nor has he had a chance to tell his side of the story. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

  13. Can’t tell if the link above is working so here it is again:

    Putting this through my personal frame of experience (and the fact that I was always aware of looking for borderline personalities, that something about my demeanor attracted them and the relationships became instantly “overly dramatic,” at which point I’d want nothing to do with that person anymore), her blog fits the typical borderline personality pattern of getting other people “on her side.” Isn’t 7 years of a normal, good relationship grounds enough to handle this discretely and with some class, and not try to destroy the other person in the public eye and elevate yourself (plus the “well, I’m single now, wanna hook up?” thing…)? The world watched her behave passive/aggressively towards a house full of people, which is branded cool because those people sucked, but… Isn’t some degree of narcissism necessary to be a model? Does she have a history of eating disorders?

    It’s crappy to ask these questions of people who’ve been through something like this, but “domestic violence” is now understood to be more of a duo thing… personalities that attract one another into those situations. There’s usually a pattern that gets repeated, and usually beyond just one relationship.

  14. I have wondered why Elyse has continually broadcasted the ups and downs of her and Marty’s relationships on her blog. I figured since they had been together for so long, and he obviously hasn’t had any problems with her talking about him and their relationship before that they were both fine with being kinda public about it. Their relationship has always seemed a bit strange–from the public outing of his cheating to well… this chaos. We know that both rock stars and models likey the drink and likey the drama. The BPD theory is an interesting spin, but of course the world will never truly know. Only Elyse and Marty really know what happened…UNLESS it was caught on hotel video security.

  15. Actually Laura, I think Elyse has always been very *private* about her relationship with Marty. She never mentioned the cheating thing on her blog…that was in an interview she did for a really small newspaper or blog, can’t remember which, right after their breakup. So I’m sure she never imagined it would get to be common knowledge, and figured that she was done with the relationship anyway. But aside from that, I have never seen or heard a comment from her about the private aspects of their relationship. She features him on her blog sometimes when she’s talking about interesting things they’ve done together, or funny pictures they’ve taken, or what she might get him for Christmas…but, much as I’m sure her readers would’ve been interested, she has not talked about any of the meaty stuff.

  16. elyse is a fucking liar. i’m on the inside of this. crazy bitch. marty’s rad. the shins are rad. none of you elyse-fangirls really know what happened. they had a fight. she went berzerk. not him.

    get the facts before you post a fuckin blog or comment on a fuckin blog people.

  17. she must be crazy. why else would she be with that very dorky looking dude for seven years?

  18. We don’t know the details of this case. Perhaps he is 100% guilty, or perhaps SHE is 100% guilty. Cases such as these devolve into a “she-said-he-said” scenario, and too often we excuse the woman’s violence toward the man — if we even notice it at all. Just look at television: how many times have you seen a female slap or punch or in some other way hurt a male, and we’re supposed to consider it acceptable, or cute, or hot, or funny, or what-have-you…

  19. i do love elyse
    she’s brave to do that thing..
    i know its hard but she had the guts to..

    stop talking about non sense things on elysy she is a lovely women,,,

  20. stop talking about non sense things on elyse she is a lovely women,,,

    i love elyse…

  21. i find it a little bit stupid that she’s posted bullshit like this on her blog. i mean, it’s pretty obvious that it’s all for publicity. she even posted pictures of herself on the date of her hearing or whatever, it’s just…argh. attention seeking bullshit.

  22. You are all bullocks!!!

    Whatever you all says, NO ONE have the rights to beat anyone. Especially woman. I mean, can you imagine the strength of man compare to woman. The man who have a right mind should walk away is the woman freaks out.

    I would say, Marty is GUILTY. No woman on her right mind will published or put her private life if she wasn’t really been abused. I would say, she had enough…she probably been beaten hundred times and didn’t say it to the world out of respect and shame to her privacy.

    So you all guys think, men always try to make an excuse. If you are a men you are in denial here!!! Accept it…he is guilty. I just hope that someday a woman can stop and start doing the other way around…

  23. I have been a fan of the Shins (like so many) since Garden State, and a fan of Elyse since ANTM. I googled her shortly after and found her livejournal, and the Shins connection, and I’ve been reading it ever since. SO as an intelligent person not making assumptions, let me say this:
    Elyse does not frequently publicize relationship details. She does not make a big deal out of her boyfriend being in a band. She casually mentions him every now and then, and in her post she was not seeking publicity. Her livejournal has a small (by celebrity standards) but dedicated group of followers, and usually everyone acts like friends and nobody makes a big deal that she’s kinda famous. She did NOT intend to have this story in the tabloids and in fact later friends-locked the post and said she would no longer talk about Marty in the lj. In her post, she says the reason for her arrest was due to bite marks on Marty’s arm, inflicted for self-defense, and Marty asked police to arrest her when they came for him.
    ALSO in jail she was apparently mocked and strip-searched by the ASSHOLE chauvinistic guards. And you want to say that she WANTED THAT? Get your goddamned heads straight and stop being dicks, is all I have to say. Elyse is hella smarter and more well-spoken than most of you put together.

  24. the bitch had it coming to her. don’t date a rockstar if you can’t handle the baggage.. or in this case, the deltaco!

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