M.I.A. Looks Worse for the Wear in New Marc Jacobs Ads

I’m seriously pissed at Juergen Teller. First he made Meg White look a little bit like a dear caught in the headlights in his shots of her for the spring/summer 2006 Marc Jacobs campaign. Now he’s gone and made one of the most stylish and sexiest woman in today’s music scene look drab and lifeless. See the following shots of MIA for Marc by Marc Jacob’s spring/summer 2008 line.

mia for marc jacobs 2008

Ugh! It’s like no one involved in this campaign has ever heard of good photography OR Photoshop. It looks like MIA just stumbled into the set half drunk and asleep. I’m not sure how they managed to pick the most unflattering pictures of her as possible, but they’ve gone and done it.

mia for marc jacobs 2008

Sorry, you’re just not going to sell me on the whole “ugly is beautiful” thing. I already lived through the ’80s.

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  1. omg! right?? i was going through my teenvogue and i came across these pictures and just thought “oh. this isnt gonna sell anything”

  2. How can you be seriously pissed at Juergen Teller for shooting in a style he’s known for?

    “Now he’s gone and made one of the most stylish and sexiest woman in today’s music scene look drab and lifeless.”

    really? she does a good job of that herself.

  3. Hahaha, you guys are all retards! Tricia F. claims M.I.A. does a good job of making herself look drab and lifeless??? Do you even know who she is? She is one of the most creative, expressive and out going people we’ve seen in the music business in a long time!!! The fact that you even made this comment shows how ignorant you are!

    The comment…”omg! right?? i was going through my teenvogue and i came across these pictures and just thought “oh. this isnt gonna sell anything”, is my favorite though… Let’s be serious here, anyone who is picking up their “teen vogue” probably doesn’t know the first thing about what sells! OMG!!! That is like so not going to work! Hahahaha!

    Def not the best photo layout I’ve seen of her, but using Maya to sell any product is NEVER a bad idea!

  4. M.I.A is the new big thing and no matter what kin of clothes she wears she looks good and get ready people because she would be knocking people out ..by the way The cool Kids In L.A LOVES her !!!!!

  5. As a photographer, I can add a couple things. One, Maya is already unattractive, so it’s not hard to make her look anything less. You would def need a lot of photoshop, make-up, and hair here to make her look glamorous. Two, Juergen Teller likes to catch people as they really are – it’s pretty obvious by his style – which, let’s face it, any kid with an instamatic can do that. MIA is not revolutionary. Anyone ever heard of ESG? Delta 5? I guess if you’re under 25, nothing before 2000 existed.

  6. I think it’s totally possible to catch people “as they are” but not make them look horrible. I find it hard to believe that a fashion house would want to portray it’s spokespeople and clothing as ugly. The whole lure of the fashion industry is that you want to emulate these “beautiful people” and their lifestyle. There is an appeal to that “just like us!” mentality, but I believe it’s better suited for gossip mags than for fashion ads. And I totally DISAGREE with the fact that Maya is “already unattractive.” She’s quite a sexy lady. Who knows, maybe the reason why Teller stays on as the exclusive photog of both the Marc and Marc Jacobs lines is that he takes unflattering photos that GETS PEOPLE TALKING about the ads. I am familiar with Teller’s work, and I know that it’s his signature style to have out of focus, overexposed, “just as they are” photos of people, which i think is FINE for straight portraits, but really bizarre for fashion ads. Well, at least it’s Teller and not Terry Richardson. Yup, I said it.

  7. These pictures make Maya look like some new Britney Spears wannabe or something, but I’d buy those cute shorts she’s rocking in the 2nd picture though.

  8. yeah, she’s beautiful, at least compared to most – and who cares anyway – the attraction of the ad is who she is, not her limbs and skin and hair and makeup, but that she’d bother wearing that crap in the first place, that’s the appeal

    and come on, you’re gonna pull out yr fogey status and call us on the 2000 thing? that’s lame. of course i know delta 5 and esg – but thx for reminding me, it’s been awhile

  9. “I’m not sure how they managed to pick the most unflattering pictures of her as possible, but they’ve gone and done it.”

    It’s a clothing advert…it’s about the clothes not the model

  10. You guys are lame its Marc jacobs, Juergen Teller, and MIA they can do what ever the fuck they want and its still dope. Thats the style they went for and all you bitches are jealous because she looks hot. Contriversey sell they did their job and well.

  11. haha. M.I.A. and ESG…nice try. she sounds absolutely nothing like ESG. except maybe the cute girlfriend voice thing. but how many female vocalists have the cute girlfriend voice? lots of ’em. get off your high horse. I think there’s 4 ads total… one is HORRENDOUS! one is blah (the one above with her in the suit) one is pretty cute (the other one above) and the last one she looks REALLY HOT! like smokin hot. I’d say they chose the photos to get the peanut galleries talking…and LOOK! they’ve succeeded. word on the street is that Maya herself is not a fan of the ads either….

  12. I think M.I.A. personal style is so rad she is her own thing she is difirent and she is the shiit!

  13. First of all, all of us need to realize that this hugely symbolic. MIA represents oppression, 3rd world counties, art and freedom. To suddenly see her in all fashion magazines and specifically in this one posing for a mogul of fashion that explodes 3rd world country children to make his clothes is just a plain slap in the face of how everybody has a price. I love MIA I think she is revolutionary and avant garde BUT this is definitely a contradiction. At the end, she is one more artist modeling for one more rich designer. She says it her self in one of her songs: “I hate money cause it makes me numb”.

  14. I am going to agree with “Anonymous | 4:10 pm on January 16th, 2008”
    those three can do ANYTHING and it will be amazing. Juergen Teller is my favorite photographer. His lighting and set-up are incredibly catchy and he can make anyone look badass especially with the help of Marc Jacobs’ designs. M.I.A. is one of the most naturally beautiful people ever, not just because of her beautiful skin and style but also because of her beliefs and artistry. I do not believe she is contradicting herself.. just because she is amazing enough to pose for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Juergen Teller does NOT mean that she is undermining any of her accomplishments in promoting the welfare of those less fortunate or 3rd world countries.
    And for comparing her to other artists of a different time… no matter who she is compared to, she is still an influencer around the world. It does not make her any less revolutionary.

  15. actually i think maya is a very beautiful woman and her unique look is what makes her… she doesnt look like everybody else and her style is very different, some people need to take some notes from her and learn to be one of a kind and stop following others.

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