Lily Allen: “Goodbye” Chav, “Hello” Photoshop

TMA Official Lily Allen Correspondent Bao sent along this link of photos of Miss Lily Allen in the newest issue of Marie Claire UK. According to the Daily Mail, Lily has left her “chav” look behind in order to be a “style queen”.

Methinks me spies Photoshops. Y/N? Photoshop or not, Lily does look quite pretty on the cover and the photos inside. Will her BFF Karl Lagerfeld ever put her in a campaign?

lily allen marie claire magazine

In the last few months Lily has slimmed herself down after learning of a heart murmur condition, and she now has stopped smoking and drinking due to her recently announced pregnancy.

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  1. Ahh Lily Allen. First she bashes on Radiohead, then Kate Moss. This bitch needs to learn to pick her battles a bit more betta, aye guvna?! plus she’s prggrrrzzz.

    …just felt like saying that.

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