Catching Up on Californication

Hello hello. I’m officially a “homester” (aka, a person who thinks it’s cool to stay at home all the time).

So what do I do to pass the time as a homester? I watch television, of course. Since we got Showtime to watch Dexter–which is now on hiatus–I started to dig into the “On Demand” list and decided to check out an episode of this “Californication” show I’ve been hearing about starring David Duchovny. The show is AWESOME. I blew through all 12 episodes of season 1 in a matter of days. The greatest part of the show is that the episodes got BETTER as the season went on and the characters got more and more complex.

It’s a great ensemble cast, everyone is on point–even if it is a little weird seeing the little girl from “The Nanny” (Madeline Zima) all growns up and exposing her naked boobies. Oh, and if this will make you watch the show–boobies are a big part of almost every episode. The boob ratio is very high since David D’s character, Hank Moody, is a lover of the ladies. (Also why everyone calls this show “The Sex-Files”.)

And if boobies and hilarious, witty dialogue weren’t enough for you, Madeline Martin, who plays Hank Moody’s young daughter Becca, is a DEAD RINGER for a young Meg White of the White Stripes. Seriously, it’s creepy. Oh, and in the show her character is way into rock music and she even fronts her own little garage band called “Kill Jill.” Perfect.

Contrast and compare:

becca californication

white stripes

Here’s a little sneak peak of the radness:

Showtime has totally been putting HBO to shame with its awesome programming: “Dexter”, “Californication”, and “The Tudors” to name a few. I haven’t gotten into “Weeds” yet, but I have heard a lot of awesome things about it as well. Maybe that’ll be my next favorite show!

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  1. ha, nice clip. i don’t get showtime tho, so that kinda sucks.
    luv the site btw, i’ve been visiting for a few yrs now.
    you’re doing an awesome job, keep up the good work!

  2. Cool to stay at home all the time, no doubt. But even cooler to come home with me, drink boxed wine, look at pics of my grandkids, drink more boxed wine and finally take some pictures of our own. Or just rock out by yourself. Just make sure to vote Blue or Paul. I love music and I’m learning to tolerate life. I’m also getting started early on a drunken New Year’s extravaganza. If this is the year I go under, I won’t go quietly. No sir. No war. Just rock.

  3. i don’t think the likeness between madeline and meg is a coincidence, but a carefully planned coup d’état assembled by showtime and david duchovny. let’s just hope this madeline bird doesn’t have a breakdown and quit the Stripes like SOME people we know!

  4. so happy you discovered Californication. At this rate, one of us really should get showtime….

  5. Does anyone know if the show will be released on dvd? I would love to watch it again and get others into the show too. Or are they going to do a recast of the show on Showtime?

  6. Does anyone know if they are going to release this on DVD? I have lots of people I have told about the show that want to watch it now. Or, are they going to rebroadcst the show on Showtime soon?

  7. Recent convert…sitting in a modest home in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, the show is a welcome deviation, and I do mean DEVIATION from the blandness of everyday life…I really enjoy Duchovny’s work, but Natascha McElhone is one of the most enchanting actresses with whom I’ve ever been smitten…the writing is witty, the girls are worthy of a sonnet, and it’s way more fun than anything I’ve ever watched on tv, and I watch it via iTunes!

  8. Dude… Can´t wait for the next season… This is (if not the) one of the best series I’ve ever had the honest to God (if there is one) pleasure of watching… Still have the season finale on the computer and I watch now and then… I will definetly buy the first season…

  9. It should be released on DVD pretty soon and i think it got picked up to show again in september…. ???? don’t quote me on that.

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