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  2. Photography started to break with reality as soon as it started being taken seriously as an art. An expectation of a faithful rendering of reality ceases to challenge the nature of subjectivity, and makes us a lazy audience, being spoon fed the “truth”. Besides, this article appeared in the “Entertainment” section of Newsweek, a publication not normally known for its great writing on art.
    Not all photographers are using digital means to manipulate reality. If they want realism, how about Ryan McGinley’s work recently on display at the Whitney? Not to mention Andreas Gursky’s and Edward Burtynsky’s landscapes. The truth is most photos intersect with the digital realm at some point, especially commercial images. Foregrounding modern photography’s fragile status as “evidence” is an important cultural critique and has been going on for decades. The current trend of manipulation through technology is what photography is always been about; the dance between emerging technology, realism and subjectivity. The great debate of whether “something is art” rages on, and such a narrow view of what constitutes art is hardly worthy of a national publication.

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