Dexter Finale Leaks Online. I Hold Out

A few days ago I got an email from one of my Dexter-loving comrades letting me know that both episodes 11 and 12 were now available online on some offshore website–a week and two weeks before they are to air on Showtime. I was really dying to find out WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS, foaming at the mouth even–but I have managed to keep from watching the two episodes because the Backseat Blogger made me feel guilty. The conversation went something like this:

ME: OMG! Did you see? The last two episodes of Dexter are online! OMFG!
BB: Are you going to watch them?
ME: Um… YES!
BB: Do you also open Christmas presents before the 25th of December?
ME: Uh…yes? Don’t you want to find out WHAT HAPPENS?
BB: Well I like having something to look forward to.
ME: Oh… uh.. well… when you put it that way…

Call it a test in willpower. So far I’m holding strong, but after tonight’s episode airs I don’t know if I can handle not watching the ending. Oooohhh it’ll be hard, but I think I’m going to wait until it airs on TV.

What are you going to do?


8 Replies to “Dexter Finale Leaks Online. I Hold Out”

  1. well i’m jewish so i never wait until christmas day. i was 20 minutes through the finale when they took ALL copies of episode 12 off, so anywhere online that you might see episode 12 is a dead link. i’m PISSED OFF. looks like i’m getting coal under my chanukkah bush. BOOOOOOO

  2. dude the first 20 minutes of episode 12 are INTENSEEEEEEEEE you’re gonna die. i literally repeated “oh my god” out loud. episode 12 needs to air asap

  3. it’s called bittorrent GOOGLE IT!

    the crazy arson bitch killed the captive sgt with arson and then dexter kills her and all the lose ends come and the writers press the reset button!

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